Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 2 April 2020

Caption This 2 April 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 27 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Instagram as on 04 April 2020.


Aayush Soni
Choked by time,
life forgot how to survive.

Natalie White

Chains of time keep us,

Martha Mandaric

Keys please,
I want to live my time freely.

Anjana Surendran

Humans are mere prisoners bound to time.

Pooja Tiwari

We are bounded by the time,
neither we can run ahead of it nor we can be behind it.
We need to run with it…

Pooja Abhay Nirmal

Don’t chain yourself to the clock and worry about the
time left or time has gone…
Live in the NOW, because that’s all you got

Darshan Marlecha

Unlock yourself from the chain of time,
live peacefully.

Vandana Vyas

Don’t be chained in time,
live it, love it and cherish it !!!

Payal Kantharia

Free yourself from the time that
held you from being yourself.

Grace A. Comia

Don’t let time control your life.
It is yours to live. So make the best.out of it while you can.

Pamela Church

When we get stuck in moments
We become prisoners of time

Rational Akrofi Akuffo

Many assume they have so much time at their
disposal but before they know, time enslaves them.

Sherry Greene
Time slavery is just an illusion.
Your perception is your jailer.

Alan Baird

Losing your own face to the illusion of time is like
putting a heavy chain around your own neck.

Manisha Aggarwal

Don’t wait for the time to unleash you!
Now is the time to get freedom.

Sabiha Nikhat

Time untied was the time that fled…
Now that you are locked down by its chains,
you just wish it fled.

Addison Cummings

Tied down, living under the control of time.

Beena Baburajan

Time-bound anxieties…
Choking the life out of you?
Let go and breathe in…..
Life is in the here and now.

Atenkeng Apasew Herbert.

The clock was made for man; not man for the clock

Sarabjit Kaur

For all my sisters,
now is the time,
to break free from the age-old shackles put around you.

Tony Wright

Chains of time pass slowly to a faceless person

Jo Lunde

Prisoner of time.

Madhu Suthari

Tied to time – lost the face of life.

Jennifer Schaeffer

Time is but an illusion,
yet its grip on you is as real as you allow

Note Pad Coaching

And now we notice how much time we have.
We notice we were chained to our mindset.


Choked through time,
silenced by the passing minutes.

Tina Shah

Time is of the essence but
not at the cost of our self.


She was time-bound.
Ticking every second towards her ultimate freedom.

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