Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 19 September 2020

Caption This 19 September 2020

Shraddha Jhanwar

Technologies Can Either Heal Or Hurt,Use It Wisely!

Kheema Seisa

We aren’t using technology. Technology is using us. Our hands always depend on technology. It seems like technology has become blood in the vein.

Bandita Sinha

Caught in the web of technology!

Suzanne Hoad

Entwined into our very being we have become one with technology.

Naresh Panjnani

Shake hands with technology, don’t handcuff yourself.

Lou Angelique

Beware of your gadgets— do not get too hooked. If you spend so much time, they will start to take root!

Rupert Lambert

Without due care, technology will take a stranglehold on your life.

Shreya Garg

Our hands are fastened by today’s technology.

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