Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 18 September 2020

Caption This 18 September 2020

Mai Quesada

A reflection of our own life story can best be narrated in the form of a book, memories abound when we get to turn its pages!


Finding myself in the pages of someone else’s story.

Justin( Huey )Wulfe

I gazed upon the writings of the book only to see a reflection of my true self.

Sadiya Binte Swaleh

Mirrors couldn’t reflect back what these pages did. A forgotten youth came back to life. And when I go through these pages.

Wise Pick 21 September 21


And when I go through these pages I find a part of me outlined In those words scribbled by a stranger.

Secret Symphony

“Leafing through the pages of life, I’ve finally found my identity.”

Anji Babu Vanka

The more we read,the better we discover ourself.  

Dolan Das

A book enriched with knowledge acts as a mirror to attain our truest self

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