Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks- 18 April 2020

Caption this 18 April 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption.

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 26 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook PageFacebook Group and Instagram as on 20 April 2020.


Sheena Gupta
Tread carefully, its a tough act balancing the act
between heart and mind.

Darshan Marlecha
Life is like a dance, each step is choreographed
with a beat of heart and wave of our mind.

Aarti Abhayakumar

To drive a balance between heart and
mind is an art, a woman is great at…..

Shilpika Bagh

It’s like “walking” on a thin line;
when “choosing” heart over mind.

Anjana Surendran
Mastery is balancing the emotions that
wound and thoughts that bind.

Sherry Greene
Life is a balance between reason and emotion.

Lab De Vera
Everything should be in balance.
A smart brain for living and a kind heart for loving.

Martha Mandaric

The line from your brain to your heart
is a precarious one. Step lightly.

Aoifei Dingalan
“Tread CAREFULLY on the Path You Walk on,
for One CANNOT exist without the Other”

Amanda Matthaei

The best decisions are made when balancing
the heart (feelings)& the mind (thoughts).

Nishant Kashyap

It requires an elegance to dance to the
rhythm of heart and brain.

Faith Dunsmuir
Life is a balancing act between what the
mind thinks and the heart feels

Gayathri Srinivas

The distance between the heart and the mind is the shortest..
yet worlds apart…until you find the connection.

Beena Baburajan

The Balancing Grace…
Of a Woman of substance…
Integrating intelligence…
With equal emotions…

Pooja Abhay Nirmal
There’s a very thin line between your heart and minds thoughts,
choose it carefully!!

Mrinalini Bagewadikar Agarkhed

You will achieve the balance between heart and
brain when you listen to the brain and follow your heart.

Abby Aquino

Balancing your life is like walking a tightrope
between your brain and heart.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
The point is, life is about balance. Wisely use the mind and heart.

Meti Diamond Mollineau

The quintessential truth of the battle,
and uncertain terrain, between logic and emotion.

Diana Smits

With balance you’ll find
Freedom between heart and mind.

Charlie Prince

It takes true skill to find balance,
between what you feel and what you know.

Shubha Bhandarkar

Trying to strike a perfect balance on the tightrope,
Between reasoning the mind and the emotions you cope.

Steven Torres

The heart and mind are so close yet so far apart,
to find the perfect balance of the two is life’s journey.

Anmol Jasani Vora

Striving to achieve a balance stretched thin between
the logical brain and the impulsive heart.


Although there should be a balance between reason and
emotion we always lean toward the heart.

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