Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 17 September 2020

Caption This 17 September 2020

Deepa Jandial Break free from those hands and handcuffs that hold you back in gloom and unhappiness.


Kasi Don’t tie yourself from the knot made by others, it’s just a tiny part of infinite energy! Break it and free yourself to live lovable life awaiting with all infinite energy!

Amrita Raj

Every time I fell, they acted as.though they were out there to help me. But in the end, it was my own hands that helped me heal and restore myself.

Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

The invisible divine hands can give solace when broken and crestfallen. Just don’t quit with cheeks swollen!

Mary A. Denny

Sometimes, the touch of another can bind us, and hold us captive. Love is not always love.

Amrita Mallik

Hands should rise to comfort a tired soul not to chain it in irrational fetters.  

Ashish Verma

A victim of abuse longs for a touch of warmth to ease his blues.


Do not let society define who you are nor limit the things that you can do.

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