Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 15 September 2020

Caption This 15 September 2020

Learn Vocabulary With Shruti

I’m fine this is the biggest lie that we all say to those who are hurt by our misery.

Monica Valer

Sometimes all you need is someone who can look into your eyes and says: I know you’re not, but we’ll change that together.

Shreya Bobde

We never say what we are going through, because of fear of getting abandoned.

Lina Saha

Strongest are those who…even after going several hurtful things stand straight, have a smile on the face and say fine…

Secret Symphony

You never know the millions of lies behind an “I am fine”.

Prachi Sharma

Indeed! These insecurities are in general behind a fake smile.

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Lina saha
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