Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 15 July 2020

Caption This 15 July 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

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Wise Pick 19 July 1

Samiksha Tanwar

When your past keeps holding you back.

Asmiya S

Experiences of mine are following me like an apparition to support me in agitation.

Thed Dy

Leaning back to your past won’t help you now, you are facing the light don’t be a coward you must try.

Divya Rani

Our own darkness grabs and prevent us from moving forward… know your darkness so that u can remain detached from it.

Blagoslovlyal Tecy

You cannot escape from the shadow …wherever you go it will come to you..just like the personality inside you. You cannot fool your inner self otherwise it will consume you.

Bhawna Thakur

Do not struggle with the black shadows of the past, Rise against until you last, listen to your inner voice, for life will always provide you reasons to rejoice.

Matthew Diengdoh

Don’t fall back in the dark shadows of the past because it’ll hold you back tight Leap forward into the bright future because that’s where you’ll feel free and light.  

Manisha Chadha

Everytime you are about to fall, your inner strength stands behind you tall.

Martha Mandaric

I will catch you when you fall I will help you stand up tall together we can do it all.

Sulekha Pande

You are your own saviour.

Shikhaagrawal Gupta

Move ahead of the dark shadowy past; give way to the shower of happiness long last.

Smruti Mohanty

Let your past experience offer you stability when you lose balance in your present.  

Sheela P M

Leave the shadows of bleak memories which pushes you down, Gear up, pull up, stand up strongly and live life holding the rope of hope to move ahead.

Priya Washikar

Do not dwell in the dark past. Just understand, how blissful your present is. Let past memories be best forgotten. Lest they suck you into the deeper abyss.

Roccio Saldaña

Retaliate even with yourself if necessary, but don’t allow to be drag into total darkness.  

Paula Penabade

Embrace your shadow self before it engulfs you.

Sudha Rani Pati

Never Allow The Past Shadows To Trap Before Reaching The Future Goals…

RK Shenoy

The rich experiences of your past will brace your unpredictable and temporary falls in the future.

Beena Prasad

Today’s you is the result of your yesterday’s shadow.

Maulika Sandip Patel

It is so very important to get rid of the negative YOU before it drags you to devastation.

Lou Angelique

Don’t let yourself get pulled by a shadow of your past. Brighter days are on the way, and the darkness won’t last.  

Araliza Arias

May your shadow catch you when you are falling.

Debashree Basak

If you are held by past you’ll be blackened by the shadows they cast!

Amanda Grace Smith

To fall into your shadow, you must first fall into yourself.  

Mai Quesada

It’s only you who can help yourself in times of need!

Katherine Tan

Falling is not failing… falling is life’s way of allowing us to know that we all have the strength to get our back.

ThaPoet (Creativity & Passion)

“They say that I’m the one with the dark soul, ask me why then, must this soul protect me from their world.”

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