Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 10 November 2020

Caption This 10 November 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 31 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook PageFacebook Group , You tube and Instagram as on 12 November 2020.


Anger is a puzzle that couples can never solve

Asmiya S

If the misunderstandings of your relationships are infinite, there’s no chance to truly unite.

Dipti Chauhan

When you respect each other, Relationship bloom further. But when you don’t want to understand, You fight with no end.

Jerome Verallo

Communication is the best way to overcome every relationship’s imperfection.

Shubha Bhandarkar

When the war of words hit the crossroads, they burn all the bridges of communication.

Pooja Gupta

Without each other, our lives are incomplete as we are indirectly and directly connected. Then, why to fret?

Lou Angelique

All the shouting will keep you apart, but understanding brings you closer at heart.

Sheela P M

What goes around comes back around.

Canny Manuel

The more you blame others, the more it shows you are a fool.

Shilpika Bagh

Listen more than you speak to avoid “conflicts”, and we have two ears and one mouth to “reflect it”.

Faith Dunsmuir

If both people are shouting and no one is listening then neither person will get anywhere.

Ketki Jalan

War of words or world will make the living space more complicated and puzzled.

Arabella Shane Yakit

Misunderstanding creates Criss-cross pathways.

Shweta Maurya

The argument in a relationship is not the end of love,It is the start of understanding each other’s perspective.

Maureen Figueroa

An Infinite cycle of hatred, a battle no one can win; a conflict fueled by oppression and the color of the other’s skin.

Sweta Panigrahi

A relationship built on the ladder of ego will always have infinite fights.

Xolani Lastboy S’bonelo

The force of spoken words never really make a difference until you put what is spoken into motion or action.

Lisa Dutkiewicz

We know we are at some sort of crossroad when the fighting continues to be a big part of the relationship. Do we bail out or stick it out?

Kris Taliño Ferrer

Never argue with someone, on things you know you’re good at. Conserve your energy smartly…and with dignity.

Sherry Greene

Close your mouth and Open your mind. You may be heard, And they in kind, Leave this anger All behind.

Aneet Mahajan

Trapped in An Illusion of being a Winner; although standing on the same structure.

Judy Abiera

When there is both ends, there is a middle. Why keep shouting from both end if one or both can humble and meet in the middle to have a better talk.

Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

At crossroads, we can either still keep arguing or we can still have a difference of opinions with mutual respect!

Rose George

Our paths are different So are our viewpoints Let us walk hand in hand Solving our differences.


An argument is eternal until you understand that life is about acceptance of others and fulfilment of your own path.


Never think too highly of yourself because wherever you are we’re standing in the same ground..

Judy Teates

We are at a crossroad and going down the wrong way.

in lak’ech ala k’in

Being right or wrong is not worth being right or wrong. Aren’t we all both?

Abbinaya Vasudevan

When perspectives differ ultimately we have to suffer..

Dipali Singha

Anger and fights leave you no meeting point even though you are at the same place.

Kavita Yelgeti

We stand on the same bridge of relationship but two opposite sides because we impose our opinions on each other and we have endless quarrels.

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