Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks- 10 May 2020

Caption This 10 May 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption.

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 24 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook PageFacebook Group and Instagram as on 12 May 2020.


Wicked Bad
Girl A mother will sacrifice anything to see their children fly.

Sami Oakley
Being a mother invites an opportunity to heal her own childhood wounds so her child can fly free and be themselves.

Ashish Verma
Weaving the feathers to her child’s dreams with the sacrifices of her own,
this art can only be done by a mother.

Dhatri Tandon
A mother halts her flight so that the child can fly.. a mothers love and sacrifice is bigger and wider than the sky ..

Suveera Bellary Kusnur
I plucked my feathers to help you fly.

Sarmistha Choudhury
She gives her children the wings of love, passion, the courage to face the world despite all the adversities she faces.

Amrita Mallik
A mother’s superpower, no one talks about, is silently creating the foundation for her child to fly.

Anjana Surendran
She gives in for her child to fly out of the horizons.

Bindu Surendran
His wings were sewn with her feathers of experience and endurance to make him fly high in this competitive world.

Sarabjit Kaur
A mother will make any sacrifice to see her progeny soar high.

Indrani Guha
A mother can sacrifice everything for the sake of her child, she can even invest her wings in yours, to reach to ur zenith.

Debbie Leibold
For you my child I will give all that I have strengthened your wings for your flight into the world.

Debra Pry
A real mother gives unconditional love,
Until your wings are strong enough,
To fly on your own.

Lara Tibon
A mother is an angel in disguise. And I know no greater love than hers, for she shed her wings so I can fly.

Nanz D. Miranda
I have flown the highest when I had you. Beneath my wings, I will protect you. Use my wings to soar and I will be the wind to see you through.

Sheela P M
Mom’s True love.
Sewing wings to her offspring.
The real- responsible- role of a right mother is to prepare her child ready to soar high with the available resources.

Sheena Gupta
Losing herself a little every day to give wings to her children – only a mother can do this.

Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya
A mother is the wind beneath a child’s wings!

Gayatri Shenoy
Love is when my mom clips her wings to provide wings to my soaring dream.

Drew Holden
“And when you feel grounded, I’ll be your wings.”

Ikenna Onwuekwe
For your tomorrow, I’m giving my today.

Ankita Devadiga
Mother is the one who gives wings to her matter how broken she is but she will always bring the smile on her child’s face..

Hadia Saleem
Nobody but mother broke herself into pieces just to complete you.

Shwetha P
You are the wind beneath my wings I thought, but you gave me wings too

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