Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 1 July 2020

Caption This 1 July 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 30 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Instagram as on 3 july 2020.

Charlie Prince

You have to step out of the norm, if you do not want to be a pawn.

Hetal Patel

If your purpose in life doesn’t fit the rules established for the pieces on the chessboard, take proper responsibility to arrange your own squares and create your own moves.

Roccio Saldaña

Finding my way out the obstacles in this game called life, one step at a time.

Pauline Ebijimi

In life you are not competing with anyone. Feel free in making your own decisions.

Martha Mandaric

Not everyone is meant to be a pawn, take the initiative and be a rook, knight Or king or queen, and make a difference in this world.

Beverley Brealey

Don’t conform to the norm, think outside the box and free yourself

Nida Khwaja

A right move can pave the path to success!

Mildred Tauber

Stepping out of your comfort zone leads you to narrow the gap between fear and uncertainty and creates a path to higher expectations.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

The steps we choose are how we grow.

Angelo Crosby

Life is like a miniature version of chess, it shows our struggles to prevent error.

Debashree Basak

Create a disparate path, that has an aura of it’s own It”ll help you to shine alone!

Lisa Dutkiewicz

Being a pawn in this chess game called life makes me want to yawn. Being a mover and a shaker and a risk-taker is the way to get up and beyond.

Shivali Dixit Saxena

When Creating A Unique Path Has Greater Value Than Being In The Game Itself.

Araliza Arias

Placing my feet in loose steps is a risk I take to excel myself, among the positions of others, in the game of life.

Sheela P M

Life is like a game of chess, changing with every move. Keep going in the game of life with a motto for winning; looking for a better move with a sane& tactful mind.

Neha Garg Kansal

Life is beyond limits… So think out of the box… Or beyond the given options to lay the foundation of success.!

Priya Washikar

Learn from the pieces of the past And carve your own exclusive path.

Paula Penabade

Always be working on elevating your game.

Monica Sharma

Make your own rules and follow the path your heart wishes to win the game of life.

Shilpika Bagh

Don’t be a pawn for others to play with your vibes; let every chance be a stepping stone in life.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo

With each pawn movement, Piece by piece we go higher and closer to success.

Lou Angelique

Don’t be a pawn in someone’s game. Make your move—don’t be ashamed. In this battle of wits, just be prepared, and you’ll win the match fair and square.

Shubha Bhandarkar

Life is like a game of chess. You need to take that leap of faith and align the squares to make way for success.

Jyotsna Nautiyal

It’s better to carve your own path rather than wasting energy ,time in grabbing someone’s place

CA Pooja Kabra

Life is like a game of chess. You need to tread cautiously and carve out your own niche to be a King in the end.

Gurudutt Shenoy

We are all like pawns in a chessboard. But think out of the box and we can rise up to be a King.

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