Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 14 September 2020

Caption This 14 September 2020

Anji Babu Vanka

It’s all within you can play or mess up all the thoughts.

Debra Pry

We create what we think.

Sukhvinder Bakshi

Embrace chaos to weave your thoughts because chaos drives creativity.

Suveera Bellary Kusnur

Always knit your thoughts carefully.

Kelly Mackey

Untangling the threads of the mind may take some time. But in the end, the rewards will be sublime.

Patricai Lynn Kicklighter

Life is like knitting, we start out as a tidy bundle but as it unfolds it stitches together a unique, one of kind tapestry all our own.

Sonam Sahoo

Legerity of mind can be achieved by ‘yarning’ your thoughts, without the fear of entanglement.

Ritu Deepak

What might seem a tangled mess of thoughts to you is actually the same weave of the narrative of my mind.

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Chandan gupta

Knitting my own thoughts and… Read more »

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