Caption this – 9 September

Caption this - 9 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 12 September

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  1. the warrior’s heart
    does not carry the shield and sword.
    it is not tamed by mortal ways.
    his heart is wild, free,
    consumed by power of rage
    and righteousness.
    fangs bared ,
    with boundless might
    all is vanquished in his path.

  2. Steve discovered that the reason the use of the choke chain and more recently the use of electric shock collars was now frowned upon had some relevance to today’s pet owners

  3. Duality is my reality.
    I can be as good as it gets,
    Or I can be as bad as can be.
    I am all extremes bursting at the seams.
    Today the, Wolf…
    Tomorrow let’s see!

  4. Staying a humble man by day
    One must release the wolf out at night, to play

    Please God forgive me
    To control this beast
    I must release, and let it feast

  5. The more I try to control,
    the anger in me and be a human,
    The more the ferociousness comes out,
    In the form of a snarling wolf.
    Is it just me, not able to be in control?
    Or the situations, forcing me to a corner?
    End of the day, the buck stops with me,
    It is my life, I need to live it my way.

  6. Caught unaware there are times. .
    the rage of the beast in us just unleashed
    its power and leaves us broken and devastated!
    Where it’s coming from. .
    a need to find out within ourselves!

  7. It’s hard for me to separate the beast in me.
    Often it comes out and shouts,
    And I lose myself in this insanity.
    This insanity has become my identity.
    I strive to be calm,
    But in the end, out comes the storm.
    Before I listen,
    The beast threatens.
    Rage is my cage;
    And I am a prsioner in it’s prison,
    Devoid of a sound mind and a clear vision…

  8. Succumbing to rage,
    We give in to it’s cage.
    We struggle to be calm,
    But when messy situations dawn,
    We couldn’t control the inner storm.
    All resurrection might come from protection
    But not all results in progression.
    Some might lead to disastrous destruction…

  9. When they mock you for being too calm,
    Stun them with your inner storm.
    When they doubt your dreams and your leap,
    Dig deep and bring out the hidden hue.
    When they mistake you for a sheep,
    Wait it out.
    When the time is right,
    Release the wolf in you…

    1. I hav mixed feelings bcuz on one hand I like it cuz I understand what it represents but on the other hand it is kinda comical cuz it looks like the dude is fucken the wolf an its ass exploded lol!! So I like it but its funny too!!

  10. With the split & the splat
    Often I & the wolf in me partitions
    Into a space, where I become myself
    A sane being with the likes of a saint.
    The wolf senses my weakness, my scent
    And dissolves back into me once again
    This saga of dissonance resonates forever
    As I entail a mad mind’s tale.

  11. I am a nice guy, you know.
    I have a heart that glow.
    But if you try to gloom me,
    And put out the glow,
    Be ready to face the fire in me.
    Just one instruction:
    If you bring out that resurrection,
    You won’t survive the destruction…

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