Caption this – 8 August

Caption this - 8 August

Caption this - 8 August

Wisepick for the image will be published on 11 August

29 thoughts on “Caption this – 8 August”

  1. In a Garden full of Goliath & Graves
    The Man, The Woman & Their Child
    Assumes Golum of a Self
    Leaving their hearts at homes
    Cooped in Charred Nest
    Wrapped in Shadows of scorching shells.

  2. It takes mighty courage to cross the line ,
    Heart is left out tattered but body remains fine.
    Not easy to make two ends meet in one’s life,
    One has to leave home with children and wife…

  3. The place where one is born,
    Grow up and build a life,
    Leaving the place one calls home,
    For a reason not of their doing,
    Not an easy thing to do.
    Even the few that try so,
    Only their body manages to move on,
    The heart, thought, still stays at home.

  4. Compelled to leave home
    Or i should say relocating bodies without souls
    and without hearts that dwell where memories reside
    Yes. .
    In your home , your pride!
    The sack of reminiscence is too heavy
    for the slackened bodies to carry!

  5. The weight & burden you feel may seem too much at the time,
    But please don’t leave your hearts behind.
    Wherever you go you need love to make the pain cease,
    Loving yourself & others will deliver this;

  6. Home is the first safest place we know of… it has seen the good and bad times in our lives… to leave it would be impossible because a part of our lives belong to that place in which we call home… a part of us will always stay in that place we call home

  7. When we leave home
    And are forced to roam,
    With nothing to revive,
    Or to survive.
    There is little hope in our eyes.
    All we had was our heart.
    But then, leaving it behind we have to part,
    And a heartless life we have to start…

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