Caption this – 7 October

Caption this - 7 October

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wisepick for the image will be published on 10 October

100 thoughts on “Caption this – 7 October”

  1. Don’t expect to create
    lasting music,
    with a broken keyboard,
    the sound will be
    nerve wracking,
    you can only create music
    with love, patience
    and understanding….

  2. Tall silhouettes of skyscraper is reflecting a lot on water surface, for an artist to paint his canvas.
    But their true character is all hidden from his vision !!

  3. The music of my heart drums rhythmically,
    As your fingers glides on those keys magically.
    The song inside my heart is just so ethereal,
    So is the one formed through your fingers.
    As a day comes when you and me are not us,
    The beats will leave me and keys will break off.

  4. Come Dance With Me to the beat of the music.
    We will take the high notes and the low notes,
    And create a rhythm,
    To the song in our soul.

  5. The scarred plinths of woods
    The scattered planks of war
    Breathes & blooms on the raunchy rile
    For life like a reel planted as a monolith
    Lives like a moth forgotten in the breeze.

  6. The rhythm of music is like the rhythm of life!
    It’s your choice to produce fine,melodious tune or a noisy one. . .likewise
    it’s your choice to how you live your life. .
    a fruitful with purpose living or of nothing to goodness life!

  7. The buzzy note
    Creates a tone
    Out of a life we take as tizzy
    And always we are busy
    But when we hold the time to be ever euphony
    Trust me darling, It could yield you the desirable symphony.
    So just let it take time
    And give yourself a chill lime!

  8. Musical artistry is etching a journey of quiet noise in juxtaposition. Contrasts expand in symmetry and reflected mirror images, merging vibrational shreds into form. Light and dark conform in directional progression. Our senses react.

  9. As I open my eyes and see the vision of life, I realize that no matter how bleak it may seem, as long as we maintain the faith, it will unfold The Truth in our hearts as clear as the white skies and crystal-like waves that kiss the sun.

  10. When the going gets tough,
    The internal seas are rough,
    With nothing to look forward to,
    Not knowing what to do,
    The only silver lining in that dark cloud,
    The one that makes my heart beat,
    Makes me cling on to an unseen hope,
    Music – The elixir that calms down my soul.

  11. Love yourself. Realize that the beats of your heart are all the melody that you ever need. Remember that you are bestowed with the symphony of your soul to comfort you when you bleed….

  12. In times of unimaginable twist and bend, Music is what helps me to mend,
    Its like music is my one and only friend,
    Pushing me to go on,
    When everything else is gone…

  13. You can’t hold your feelings parallel as desired by your mind but let them dance like music sometimes intense and sometimes light, which will give you real pleasure of life.

  14. Life is such a precious gift for us.
    So is music. Without music I doubt that we would have survived till this day. Cause you know music is bliss and it has its own indescribable way…

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