Caption this – 7 June

Caption this - 7 June

Caption this - 7 June

Wisepick for the image will be published on 10 June


63 thoughts on “Caption this – 7 June”

  1. Look closely at the cloudy face that has no place to hide any more stress from their own personal rat race.
    The clue for you is found in a permanent upside down frown.

  2. Through feelings of inadequacy, and the darkness they convey, i still remain so hopeful, of a brighter prosperous day. No, it’s not about a ‘dollar’ nor of wealth, of which i speak. But a countenance of spirit, and a ‘smile’ of the very meek

  3. The jumble verse of fear
    Accumulates in my mind
    Self-belief, confidence & courage
    Are the weapons I need to find.

    To face the harsh reality
    That looms beyond the veil
    For day in & day out
    I must survive my life in Hell.

  4. Yes, I hide my fear, my pain behind my smile!
    Yes, I hide my failure behind my smile!
    Yes, I hide my all worries behind my smile!
    But this smile keep me moving despite all adversities!
    I am winning day by day!

  5. A positive feeling towards a negative thought. A self worth of acceptance from imperfections against all barriers that triggers the mind into a failure. Courage in our heart is what really makes us brave.

  6. Focus more on the perpetual, than the circumstantial negative.

    And so I choose to always wear an upward curve of Hope, than bear the tears of stress, anxiety and droop..

  7. With cluttering of negative, circumstantial thoughts, I still carry myself with a smile of Hope.
    For I know, that negative is short-lived, and changes into positive with even the slightest of Hopes..

  8. Feelings that cloud my mind,
    Spinning a web inside my head,
    A web so dark and twisted,
    Positivity has no way to get inside.
    Yet I have a smile on my face,
    A curve that I use as my mask,
    Not just to hide the real me from others,
    But at times even from myself.

  9. I have learned that a smile,
    Can keep my negative thoughts off trial.
    They say they’ll only stay a while,
    But they lied.
    They’re on my side.
    Now, re-learning to trust,
    …in whom I can, confide.

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