Caption this – 7 August

Caption this - 7 August

Caption this - 7 August

Wisepick for the image will be published on 10 August


52 thoughts on “Caption this – 7 August”

  1. Beware of hidden enemies and fake friend,
    Camouflage is new fashion and new trend.
    Better to work alone than in crowd ,
    Were action will be heard clear and loud…

  2. Oh what do we see? Did he push or did he stop the fall. Oh how we jump to the one thought – maybe -oh just maybe there is more than than the eye can see.

  3. People are more inclined to destroy their life saviour
    who never even bother to step forward in their favour,
    The momen they are saved, they forget their haven
    And show their true colors like a chameleon!

  4. Those who help others whole-heartedly
    without thinking of the consequences
    are the ones who suffer adversely
    by of the ones who were saved and helped unconditionally!

  5. The hand you try to save from fire,
    Could be the one that pulls your trigger,
    Better safe to be careful beforehand,
    Than to be sorry when lowered into ground,
    Easier said than done for an empath,
    For them, saving others is the right path,
    Even if it becomes harmful for them,
    It is the way they play their Life game.

  6. Victim “No, stop it.
    Don’t try to save me.
    I have no thoughts of life, not even a maybe.
    Just leave me be”

    Saviour “you don’t want to die.
    Look at me, in the eye.
    Cast your eyes to the beautiful sky.
    There’s more in the world than you think.
    Don’t let your heart sink”

    Victim pushing away the saviour’s stool, “No, you don’t understand, I am fed up. I have no reason to live”.

    “Learn to give. Help others to live. That’s as a good reason to live for, to even die for… ” Saviour in the last moments before dying in the noose…

  7. Helping the self,
    Out of tight situations,
    Before helping others,
    Even if it tests our patience.
    The simple way to be,
    To avoid betrayal to thee,
    Yes, it sounds a bit cold,
    But the Crux of so many stories untold.

  8. You can’t save someone who doesn’t wish to be saved. You can try all you wish, to the limits of love and sacrifice. But as you cut the rope with the knife, if the victim doesn’t value life, you just can’t save the poor soul…

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