Caption this – 6 August

Caption this - 6 August

Caption this - 6 August

Wisepick for the image will be published on 9 August

69 thoughts on “Caption this – 6 August”

  1. Mean words that come from our mouths shoot into our hearts and break them into a million pieces. Moral of the story is never say mean things that breaks ones heart.

  2. Nobody knows the power of one small word until it’s already too late. A person may be at his/her breaking point and that one small word you said pushed him/her over the edge.

  3. Words can give life; also can it take life from a person
    Words strengthens; also can’t it weakens a person
    Words elevates; also can’t it put a person in disarray
    Words can be a weapon of destruction; also of peace to a person..
    Be wise in words you speak to others…
    Use it as a weapon of peace!!

  4. I just wanted my heart to be filled with your love-talks,
    that would accompany me in life’s long-walks,
    What you did is just contrary,
    Your words made me completely weary
    And have stucked into my heart like a shaft,
    analogous to the victim of a witchcraft
    whose treatment is incurable,
    and the pain slowly gets intense and unbearable!

  5. Words are more powerful than swords,
    that directly pierce your heart
    without any visible grove and sore,
    But the pain is beyond endure that has no cure!

  6. Kim Kardashian reprimands sister Kourtney using hateful, unforgivable, classless sentiments because she is not heeling like a dog at every clap of her narcissistic hands.

  7. Your words pierced my heart.The wounds are deeper than the cut of sword.Your words acted more sharper than spears.Watch out coz when heart bleeds then you can’t be spared by one more powerful watching above.

  8. Words that Pierce ,makes a heart bleed,
    Are you a man or a monster?
    The heart that loved you is the heart you are wounding
    Does it matter to you?

  9. Oooooh! Words uttered can be so hurting!. .
    pierces the soul. .lowers self-esteem!
    Lots of thinking,a little of caution, a while of pause
    coz hurting words once said. .
    can never be retrieved, can never be forgotten!

  10. What you say hurts me like hell,
    How you say and what you mean though,
    Hurts me even more, if that is possible.
    Never knew the impact on others,
    Thoughts and intention could have.
    Does it even matter to you?
    You go on with your tirade,
    Cutting through me like a sharp blade.

  11. The words you say,
    You shoot one after the other without delay.
    Don’t you see me bleed?
    Do you even pay any heed?
    You are so busy shooting words of disgust at me,
    That you don’t know how it all pierces me…

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