Caption this – 5 September

Caption this - 5 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.

Wise pick for the image will be published on 8 September

163 thoughts on “Caption this – 5 September”

  1. Paddy the padlock enjoyed a bit of padlock porn, though his fellow padlock pals, Paddington and Pad Thai, thought it was a load of bolLOCKS, and that Paddy was a perverted freaKEY twat.

  2. The greatest battle of our times is of mind and soul. Quest for knowledge empowers even the self inflicted locks of minds to the level of actualization. Smiling all the way for free you become, to a world bond to imprison self

  3. Paging through what seems like just paper, may unlock a world unexpected. Reading does so much more than unlocking the path to knowledge, it enriches your life in every aspect.

  4. Unhinged and truly realised that book i is reading is upside down, or is it. That thought of unknown destination will never lock this soul to the confines of these pages of limitations

  5. अपने विवेक बुद्धि का ताला खोलने के लिए ज्ञान ध्यान और योग और अच्छी पुस्तकें

  6. Different moods at any given time. .
    A time to go lazy, a time to worry. .
    Unlock that mood of doing something worthwhile . .
    to make use of time wisely!

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  8. Remember that your body is living in a world of routine. Unlock your mind to different kinds of worlds. Places where your present situation cannot follow.

  9. Many dwell in madness and sadness,
    Not realizing that it is all their doingness.
    Open up from your mind prison,
    There are better things that you need to listen,
    And you shall get a clear vision…

  10. All the things that you read are not in vain,
    Somehow it would feel good and soothe the pain.
    As you read and read,
    From your mind prison, you shall be freed…

  11. Best to be open minded to learning and seeing things in different ways rather than being closed minded and miserable locked in your own thoughts and not taking in any other possibilities or ideas.

  12. When you open the lock of your mind, Interesting answers you will find.
    Don’t just dwell and demise yourself in boredom.
    You have the freedom
    To immerse yourself in something eye opening and mind opening.
    Don’t dwell in vain,
    It will be your destruction.
    Rather open yourself up,
    You will get better through resurrection…

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