Caption this – 5 November

Caption this - 5 November

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 8 November
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90 thoughts on “Caption this – 5 November”

  1. The best part of your life is when someone carries you in their heart, when you are young and beautiful, and in carts when you are old and ugly.

  2. You shouldn’t let the presence of a caregiver take your place in the lives of your aging parents. They took care of you when you were young, now it is time for you to take care of them

  3. The wheels of life and death turn, reflecting the coming and passing of ages. Your shadow follows you from the first moment of your life, to the very last moment. Enjoy the ride when it is your turn!

  4. Life is a game changer
    Hence, accept its
    role playing rules.
    We need no belongings;
    But all we need is to belong to someone
    To make life go on.

  5. The path of life is a mirror,
    And it is the way it is, because it can’t make us understand a simple conception.
    That’s why life takes a turn and we become the reflection.
    Only, this time, from another perception…

  6. The path of life is a mirror, and though we grow seeing the other side, we never realize the role in the mirror unless the roles have exchanged and we become the person in the mirror…

  7. Infinity care of love

    The cycle of love

    The family cycle of love

    Cycle of love is unmeasurable

    The love of wheels cycle us

    Caring is unmeasurable to us

  8. The beauty of family lies in
    helping and supporting one another in need.
    Parents takes care of children when they are young and children takes care of their parents when they become old.

  9. The circle of life.
    The reflection you see,
    Becomes the image you will be.
    Time stands still for No One,
    And no one can make time stand still.

  10. One day the parent is looking after the child, then before you know it, the child is looking after the parent……
    So enjoy life and all it has to offer because ilife is too precious not to.

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