Caption this – 31 July

Caption this - 31 July

Caption this - 31 July

Wisepick for the image will be published on 3 August

53 thoughts on “Caption this – 31 July”

  1. The fear of losing the one you loved,
    Will make you to pretend.
    Wearing a mask,
    Is always a risk.
    Be you,
    And the right one will stay with you.

  2. One person inside,
    Another on the outside.
    Life won’t work this way,
    We’ll have to put our masks away.
    Because, not everyone has the ability,
    To understand that there is power in vulnerability.

  3. Misery loves company, so let us entertain.
    Behind these fake smiles, we will hide our disdain.
    Why show the real, when we can cover the pain?
    Let’s pretend to be happy so our hurt is not in vain.

  4. Knowing one another is much more than we can see,
    A smiles what I wear but the smile isn’t me.
    We spend our lives hiding, it’s our only real devotion,
    To wear only a smile, instead of true emotion.

  5. Fake masks are emotions in disguise.
    Like water they won’t vapourize,
    One day, it’s going to come out,
    Till then, it will damage us from the inside out…

  6. Smiling on the outside,
    Indifferent inside,
    The masks we wear,
    The feelings we hide.
    Short term, it might work,
    Never in the long term.
    The masks have to go,
    Reality has to be met,
    Feelings have to be expressed,
    Any future hinges on it.

  7. As we sit in the opposite place,
    We both project our deceptive face.
    Because being fake is the trend these days,
    Everyone hiding theirselves in this modern rat race.
    Being fettered in our own messy maze,
    We forget authenticity is our salvation and our grace…

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