Caption this – 30 July

Caption this - 30 July

Caption this - 30 July

Wisepick for the image will be published on 2 August

82 thoughts on “Caption this – 30 July”

  1. Feelings and knowledge are two different things that can create scars once a battle begins. One will fight for what it feels and one will fight for what it knows.

  2. The never ending war
    between my brain and heart,
    That put me into a dilemma
    whether to stop or to start.
    If one says left, the other other says right,
    For every little decision, they fight!
    If One makes emotional, the other intellectual,
    This way the combat remains perpetual!

  3. The heart is centered around feelings while… The brain is centered around reasoning; each one mediates on our choices in life..
    Both having a strong will on our choices in life!
    Follow your heart they say but also have a good reasoning why you should.

  4. There’s a great connection between our heart and brain
    But it’s not always the same we want it to be
    Heart feels it; but the brain decide it:
    We want it: but the heart stays for it; wait a second
    Don’t let me hold it too hard
    Cause I’m dying
    We are one in two different forms
    This is real and we are completely unprepared
    What d fck

  5. When my heart is feeling,
    and my brain is thinking,
    each believing they are right,
    each believing rightfully so.
    Often there occurs a fight,
    and I learned to go with the flow.

  6. The mind controls everything so when the mind and heart collide, discard everything. When the mind is empty, true mind will resurface and will understand what a sincere heart wants to say.

  7. Heart and brain,
    Long time friends,
    Brothers in arms,
    Partners in crimes,
    When together,
    Life is a canter,
    When on opposite sides,
    A series of bumpy rides,
    Wish they are friends forever,
    How I wish life gives me that power.

  8. If we can only join forces we’d be invincible. Heart: I’ll coat your mind,
    Mind: while I protect you from life’s cold lessons.

  9. Practical versus emotions, wrestles.
    Conditions related to the Cricumstance will decide which will win.
    Whatever atlast emotions, the heart suffers and brain mocks!!

  10. War between the heart and mind,
    Makes one go in a bind,
    Who would win and who would lose?
    Always tough to choose,
    Often times, the heart prevails,
    Until between the legs, it tucks its tails,
    Brain doing the mopping up work,
    Does so with nothing more than a smirk..

  11. Fight
    Between mind and heart..?
    Want to see
    Who is going to win
    It’s brain sometimes
    And it’s heart sometimes
    Both have equal power
    Sometimes you should be clever
    Sometimes you should listen to your heart
    That’s how we lead life

  12. Heart and mind,
    They can be the worst foe,
    Often same opinions they don’t show.
    But when you see them incline,
    You would be surprised by their friendly flow,
    Striking blow after blow,
    Like brothers in arms you would see them go,

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