Caption this – 29 September

Caption this - 29 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 2 October

84 thoughts on “Caption this – 29 September”

  1. When we compare the presents of life on earth, with that time which we have no knowledge of what we would be…
    I see the same spirit, the same soul that lives within me.
    Whoever i was, whoever i am, and who ever i would be…is always gonna be the same spirit within me.
    The beauty which never tarnished as long as I love thee. ♥️

  2. One can see their soul,
    In a part of mirror or whole.
    OLD is an age
    Young is the real coverage.
    The soul is new, always renew-
    your thoughts and desire
    Know that,
    Age is just a worldly attire!

  3. 2 faces- a face of an inoccent child and a face of experienced old woman… Both are looking at you and telling “go enjoy your life while you’re still young as this will never fade till forever”… ❤

  4. Through the Life’s Glass As I tread & take a turn
    I echo a younger me in the crevices of caverns.
    My eyes reflect of innocence & naive niche incense
    But today I breathe of sensuality & soirée of sense.
    So, peek into my eyes, whether young or old I am
    For I am who I was, for I am who I am.

  5. As they say, the mirror doesnt lie;
    It looks through your soul, even before it meets the eye;
    From the person you have been to the person you have become,
    Every stage of your life, gracefully it welcomes…

  6. Ageing gracefully, the whole world took me for a wise and mature grey haired woman;
    But oh this mirror, the moment I look at it, the eyes that meet mine induce a playful yet innocent and higly infectious childhood emotion…

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