Caption this – 29 August

Caption this - 29 August

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.

Wisepick for the image will be published on 1 September

69 thoughts on “Caption this – 29 August”

  1. I am no bone of contention…
    Please rethink your personal intention.
    All I want is your undivided attention,
    Let’s be a happy family is my suggestion!

  2. The black or white,
    What should I hold on to get myself right?

    The right-white
    or the black-flack;
    How do I persist
    Being not a racist?

    Neither can be denied
    Best they teach me in disguise.
    I propose,
    They dispose.
    Their brawl is all
    I got to impose.

    Its too puzzling to get through with them,
    But I’m stuck.
    I have got no right to condemn!

  3. Children needs the family to be its safe island in this world. Take the safety of the family away, they will sink and cling to life in survival mode.

  4. The child doesn’t see the differences, they feel the connection. Don’t hold on too long child sometimes the disconnect needs to happen, you will be in pain if you try too long to stop it.

  5. Good or bad: just an illusion,
    Making the innocent child filled with confusion!
    Let him enjoy the beautiful journey of life,
    Instead of making him cling between wrong and right!!

  6. When a mother a father break ties, too often it’s the child who cries, forced in the middle, pulled by both sides, when parents forget they’re the priority, misusing their authority, trying to to gain superiority

  7. In order to have a balanced life a child must develop both good morals and evil thoughts.
    Good morals to have meaningful life and evil thoughts to protect themselves.

  8. Two come together, giving each other “pinky promises” for life. Two separate, breaking those promises, not understanding, or possibly not caring, that other lifes…fragile lives…are also being taken apart, filling with undeserved pain and guilt.

  9. They said,”opposites attract each other”.
    I guess between two two, I am the attraction. In this process, I get torn and worn out of their detachment. But I won’t rest till I bond this attachment. If they could just see what I see, together they will be!..

  10. A child’s innocence is often the only thing that keeps different human races together. For the adult sees the outer shell whilst the child sees the inner being. We can’t fail our children, we are all here for a reason.

  11. Caught between black and white,
    Right and wrong, the eternal fight,
    Hanging on to dear life, the game of survival,
    So tight, drops of blood dripping away.
    Not really favoring one over the other,
    Could I survive just holding on to one?
    End of the battle, who really am I?
    A confused bewildered soul, that’s what I am.

  12. Finding balance in this battle,
    I try to hold on.
    If I let go, it will all be gone.
    But the thing is, my hands are worn.
    And I am so torn.
    I don’t how much longer it will be before I lose.
    I guess between these two, only one I have to choose…

  13. Being stuck in between the chaos,
    There’s no higher pain than trying to hold on,
    To not let go.
    But through this way, we grow.
    But how it might result, we don’t know…

  14. We all are caught between the angel and demon in us.
    We are pulled to one side,
    When to one thing we abide.
    We can’t let go either.
    But stuck in between, we wither.
    For in life, this is how we grow,
    Through follies and mistakes.
    Sometimes we break
    And sometimes we fake.
    In life’s play.

    At the end of the day,
    To ourselves who are we;
    Angel or demon?
    At the end of the day,
    That’s for us to say.
    But whatever we are,
    We will surely get our pay,
    Because life gifts us what we deserve in it’s own way…

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