Caption this – 28 August

Caption this - 28 August

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.

Wisepick for the image will be published on 31 August

63 thoughts on “Caption this – 28 August”

  1. I set you free but free you aren’t.
    For very choice,every decision,
    I stand in the midst,
    ‘a means to guide you’,
    Through the turfs to the sun,
    So be still and listen.
    I’ll always b here,
    Directing you..

  2. I know at times you may lose faith in yourself. But remember, having faith is to believe in something we don’t always have proof of, and when your most afraid, I will be there pressing you forward until you no longer need faith to believe in your own amazing future. Instead you will stand tall in the truth of your greatness!

  3. Why my angel
    You turned me down?
    And now you pull me,
    You mistook me to a clown!

    I was in love,
    Deeply all in love.
    And now I hate,
    Your name now bait.

    Oh! your gaze,
    Each day put me in daze.
    I quit. Never will I be back,
    I’m afraid you’ve always been a flack.

  4. Locked in as concrete cast of cement & clay
    The frozen Angel gaurds your trampled life.
    You try & step into the vilified wild
    But she clamps & clasps you as a tender child.
    She caters for you, she cares for you
    Like the blazing moon in a starless night.

  5. Listen to your instinct. .
    something is holding you back. .
    No!. .you are heading to a wrong track!
    An inner voice could be your guardian angel.

  6. Hey!. .you are going to the wrong direction. .
    let me lead you to the right one!
    A guardian angel always GUIDE you. .
    to the right path of your life!

  7. Sometimes we hold on to grief,
    Or it seems grief has caught hold on us!
    Worry not!! It’s your guardian angel supporting you,
    Just to make you learn your life lesson!
    Invoke the wisdom of your higher self,
    And free yourself from this cycle!!

  8. Trying to move on from the spot,
    Wanting to rush forward in life,
    Yet something seems to hold you back,
    Making you feel the pain and frustration.
    Hey, Fret not, It’s your guardian angel,
    Watching over you all the time,
    Holding on to you till it is safe,
    Will let go when things are ready.

  9. We all have wings.
    We find it when we listen to the song our soul sings.
    So open up, be free.
    It might be new.
    But you shall begin to see,
    There is no better wings than being you…

  10. The Angel of death, taking off our materialistic earthy
    Belongings,and humans resisting to let go of these things,that mean nothing, in the next part of our journal.

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