Caption this – 27 July

Caption this - 27 July

Caption this - 27 July

Wisepick for the image will be published on 30 July

116 thoughts on “Caption this – 27 July”

  1. If these can have a price tag…
    There’s nothing a Nation has to brag.
    Today, Integrity Speech and Life are the cheapest,
    Humanity at it’s lowest!

  2. Truth can’nt be silenced by power or money,
    Better to face bitter truth than fake honey.
    No dollar or pound can stop wisdom word,
    It’s better to be standing alone than in herd.

  3. you can see the guilt in his eye
    what could he do?
    after all he was just a pry,
    he was trapped in a game of shame;
    money to manipulate, power to blame.

  4. The muzzle made of money
    Mumbs the mouth
    As the horse who neighs inside you
    Forgets to shout
    Against all atrocities
    On squares & rounds
    For money has the power
    To tame a rational hound.

  5. The power of nowadays

  6. The power of money,
    Makes people dumb!
    And people don’t resist,
    Thinking they are numb!
    As they can’t go beyond its power,
    And they choose to be victim forever!

  7. Money talks. (but it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk).
    Fiat over freedom.
    Why is liberty controlled by promises that have no real value?
    Money often stifles truth, knowledge and wisdom.
    Alone our voice is worth little.
    My two cents worth, adjusted for inflation.

  8. Shut your mouth for a dollar, watch the world burn. Act like everything is alright, for that dollar. Sell your soul for that dollar. Children dying, it doesn’t matter, you’re a slave to that dollar.

  9. He opened his mouth
    To say the truth,
    Lo and behold,
    Different thoughts arose.
    Not about the truth that comes out,
    But about the food that goes in.
    The power of green, and of hunger,
    He just shut his mouth.

  10. They say money is just a tool. But what a fool it makes of us. Though it’s just a paper, though it’s just money, how it influence us to do felony…

  11. Makes makes many things.
    And with it many vile things it also brings..
    It can create a violence or suppress the needy voice with greedy choice into silence…

  12. Every bit he earned, had to be payed to her. He was sworn to silence, not even to slur. His face turned older, with each stone on his shoulder. He owed her nothing, but in his heart she was something.

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