Caption this – 26 September

Caption this - 26 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
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76 thoughts on “Caption this – 26 September”

  1. “I’m caught between the edge of an ignorant world dressed in their clothes, hanging on to the shred of spirit and life I have left, they haven’t stripped away. I don’t want to let go, but I can’t keep hanging on”

  2. Words can carry you, but strike you down just the same.
    They can pierce your heart, even if it was just a game.
    You can hold on to them tight, or give them some gurth.
    But, in the end, your whispers show your true worth.

  3. We all want to jump from the work cliff.
    We all wish to clear our mind once in a while.
    There’s just too much load, too much file.
    Want to jump down in a parachute, free from all this pile…

  4. Where are we going?
    What are we doing?
    With no clear sense or purpose
    What’s the point of existence in this universe?
    Afraid to face the reality,
    We live on with the society’s mentality.
    A blank mind with nothing fruitful to find.
    We lead the life with a suit and tie that makes us wind.
    Are we really free?
    Is this how our life is going to be?

  5. Just have faith and jump into imagination.
    Hold tight and let thoughts flow free in resonation.
    When there’s a no way end that you refute.
    A clear mind can save you like a parachute…

  6. can i trust my words to carry me over the edge?
    when i jump will i regret
    what i have said?
    got my hair combed back
    dressed in sunday’s best
    and i throw myself to the open wind

  7. It just need one step to liberate your soul from the worthless shits
    Dare to fall from the distressing thoughts
    Then you’ll safely fly with the peaceful parachute.

  8. Hold the tranquillity strongly inside your thought
    Surely It’ll will keep you safe from falling into the distressing state
    Like a everlasting parachute.

  9. In this world full of uncertainty, one thing is left certain. That human must take the risk of jumping off the cliff if the world say so but he should always bring his principles with him because those are what will make him survive the fall.

  10. A lot being told and heard, with the essence being lost. I schackled my thoughts and waited for the right one to listen. Only to be taught that we do not listen to understand. Liberated from the very thoughts weighed me down, I set myself free from the burden of the untold, only to unfold the real me to the world.

  11. I’ve been holding on
    To my ballon of emotion
    Thousand words I can’t express
    Mixed feelings so hard to suppress
    How I wish to quickly vanish
    All these pain and pure anguish
    So tightly, I hang on
    To my ballon of emotion

  12. When you find yourself in a savage situation,cling on to those empty thoughts,for they would take you to those unknown destinations yet Safe with fond memories.

  13. Chain of thoughts is not for me,
    They shackle you down and don’t set you free.
    Every thought is mine,
    See how they connect the dots and line.
    I own it, feel it and then release it…
    I’m work in progress, I never quit!

  14. When nothing goes right,
    when your life is a fight,
    think hard, think straight,
    think with all your might,
    do what’s best for you,
    ride on your thought,
    and take a flight…..

  15. Jumping off the cliff,
    With just your viewpoint to hold on to,
    Not really a smart thing to do,
    It is just yours, not the absolute truth.
    Never go by your opinion,
    Can’t really hold on for long,
    When you realize you can’t hold on anymore,
    The fall will always be brutal and hard.

  16. Riding on the bloated balloon of my moated muse
    I fly away from the hanging cliff where dead end brews.
    The Confundus Charm fails to closet me in its sleeve
    As I escape this maze of a mirage & thus leave
    Away into the wild to pursue my daffodil of dreams
    For life is one to die, for life is one to live
    In the white canvas, floating with the bohemian breeze.

  17. I needed to say something
    To give you an earful
    So I jumped off the cliff
    No longer so fearful.
    I said what I needed
    And I did so, you see
    By freeing my words
    I liberated me.

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