Caption this – 26 June

Caption this - 26 June

Wisepick for the image will be published on 29 June

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    • Marta Tóthová It is a caption. In regards to explanation. Introverts always feel. Extraverts are mostly rude as they meet so many people. They can not take everyone along. So the ones left are usually hurt. The ones they left are generally introverts. Introverts can take a huge lot of pain in comparison to extraverts. On the other hands a little heat is to much for extraverts as they are hyper sensitive due to their extra social nature. Same is shown in the picture. I captioned it diplomatically so as the extraverts did not get a chance to grill me.

  1. What you feel for so much and cry,
    I feel it more than you
    I dwell in melancholic blue.
    I feel you more than you know.
    Although I don’t let it show.
    It’s in my nature.
    It’s both a boon and torture.
    To feel more than I should.
    It’s also only because of that,
    I can do what I could
    To ease the pain
    And remove others melancholic stain…