Caption this – 26 June

Caption this - 26 June

Wisepick for the image will be published on 29 June

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  1. Sometimes the person being back stabbed the most, alone with no one in their corner, can be the strongest rising above it to help another who has been back stabbed their first time. While that person may have lots of supporters in their corner, maybe they stay silent or hold back because they don’t know how to help. Reach out to others who understand your pain and have survived.

  2. I often come across
    People who have a bad day,
    But I don’t just leave them because,
    As I see them in pain,
    I don’t neglect them in vain.
    Because I know what it’s like
    To not have someone beside,
    When you are crying on the inside.
    When you feel the taste of pain for the first time,
    And no one to share it with…