Caption this – 26 January

Caption this - 26 January

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 29 January
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151 thoughts on “Caption this – 26 January”

  1. In this race ,the so-called life
    Keep your candle flame bright and rife
    Beat those who stand on your left
    Whose hearts, of goodness, are bereft
    The realm of darkness, they claim
    Let the light be your lofty aim

  2. Everyone has to race alone
    Shadow may remain
    When in darkness it’ll also be gone
    No need to race
    Walk with grace
    Enjoy and experience every place
    Let the happiness flow through your face.

  3. In the race of life. .
    one who puts his eyes going forward for his goals and dreams is more likely to win in life. .
    than one who focuses on his past which no longer can be changed, thus nothing new happens to improve his life!

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  5. Some people are brought into life to make the world a better place by directing their path towards the light ,whereas others are unfortunately there to do the opposite

  6. Sun or Shadow don’t make any difference. It’s totally depending on winning capacity and capability.
    Dedication and hard work always bring drastic change with success.

  7. If you don’t deal with the things that makes you unhappy in time they’ll always be in your head & you won’t be able to keep your mind & heart on your dreams because they keep draging you backwards

  8. One who is Champion once he was Novice in one’s Field.To get Fame so that one could get flashed by lime light from lime light one had left no stone unturn to reach the Zenith of Success..!

  9. Spiritually speaking… If you put the Sun of the Creator in front of you, and your ego behind you… your path will be clearer.

    If you put your ego before the Son of Creator… expect to trip over yourself… your path will be darker.

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