Caption this – 24 September

Caption this - 24 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 27 September

112 thoughts on “Caption this – 24 September”

  1. Everyone is living inside their own galaxies in the same universe
    Some of us rush to achieve our own cause
    Yet Some others are busy in search of their own purpose.

  2. They say there’s a creator,
    And we are His creations,
    That we are His mere verse
    Written by Him
    In this grand Universe.
    Yet, each of us are presented with a mind, each one of a kind that are majestic and diverse,
    That we are bestowed to create our own universe…

  3. There are many universe
    Muddled within many minds
    Painting different contours
    Of hues, shapes & kinds.
    Every one of them is unique
    All of them echoes truth.
    In reality this difference is all
    That makes me what is Me,
    That makes you who is You.

  4. You are not inside a universe;
    A Universe is inside you.
    Always in continous motion
    Offering you whatever you focus on intensely
    Perceiving the world in its own peculiar way
    Seek, and thou shall find

  5. Each of us, a galaxy,
    Living in our own mind space,
    Yet cohabiting a universe,
    One where we all coexist,
    About time we stop and think,
    If this is how we want to be,
    Or change back to humans and live together,
    The way we had always been…

  6. Every person you see has a secret galaxy all their own, unique in its beauty. Sometimes what you don’t know and can’t see about someone can be the most beautiful thing of all.

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