Caption this – 23 June

Caption this - 23 June

Caption this - 23 June

Wisepick for the image will be published on 26 June

76 thoughts on “Caption this – 23 June”

  1. Her

    Her soul watched on as her mind bled
    Her misled passion there instead
    Now that it’s done and all is said
    It’s time to put her book to bed

    She is a lesson to endure
    That you can’t be everyone’s cure
    Next time you give, your heart still pure
    Perhaps you’ll be a bit more sure

  2. Broken isn’t bad.
    It is okay to be sad.
    It is alright to be mad.
    You don’t have to do what everyone else does.
    Remember being different doesn’t make you any less.
    You can be weird, you can be a mess.
    You think with your heart
    And feel with the mind.

  3. When your mind gives up to the darkest and negative of thoughts, shut it down as dysfunctional.
    Bring in then your heart and conscious, for they will be the guiding light, the Polaris.

  4. When logic and explanation don’t seem to work,
    It’s time to put the brain aside,
    It’s time to stop brain-heart fight,
    It’s time to start loving yourself once again,
    It’s time to, with the love of heart, release all the pain!

  5. Use your heart,
    To be in the now,
    Past isn’t there here,
    Future isn’t there yet,
    Never dwell on either,
    With the thoughts from your brain.
    All we have is the present,
    A moment that is God sent.
    Use your heart,
    To be in the now.

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