Caption this – 23 December

Caption this - 23 December

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 26 December
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49 thoughts on “Caption this – 23 December”

  1. All I could do was weep,
    As you fell asleep.
    You can be alone even when you think you are not…
    Be there for yourself, you’re the only one you’ve got!

  2. That’s the catch,
    When opinions don’t match.
    After a fight…
    In tow was a sleepless night.
    All I had was myself,
    Someone rightly said ‘Love thyself!’

  3. The past is memories,
    Confident & secure,
    The future is a puzzle,
    Hesitant & insecure.
    Hold on to your dreams,
    Don’t let it become a nightmare,
    Learn from the
    Hold on to the
    And nurture your,

  4. With somebody’s presence
    Our misery never vanishes
    Yet your soul knows all its sorrows
    Just maintain the patience
    Your soul will comfort you in silence.

  5. The ghost of a previous girlfriend,
    haunting you through the night.
    It can make a relationship bend,
    and smother the light.
    Stop looking at the past,
    then you might be the last.

  6. When your silent cries drags you into melancholy, others might not know what you are going through. But you have yourself to embrace you, to wipe your tears and to have hope…

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