Caption this – 22 September

Caption this - 22 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 25 September

66 thoughts on “Caption this – 22 September”

  1. Soft and tender,
    he’s just a child,
    not an offender,
    screaming, shouting, abuse,
    it will end only in a bruise,
    wipe his tears instead
    have a heart instead,
    you’re killing his future
    with hatred around,
    words can be
    fatal and profound,
    the knife will stay,
    stuck forever into that wound…

  2. Harsh words,
    sear like swords,
    abusive and derogative,
    instead of being
    loving and supportive,
    the words will stay
    at the back of him for life,
    you’ll pierce his soul with that knife..

  3. A child’s mind is fragile,
    their hearts are agile,
    be mindful of your words,
    cutting and searing like swords,
    you’re damaging him for life,
    paring his back with that knife…

  4. Their minds are fragile.
    Emotions run deep.
    Struggling from the hook.
    The pain tears them, burns them.
    Their innocence might be stolen.
    Give a chance to them
    To trounce it from their ‘sable adolescence’.
    This ‘puerile tool’ may lurch steadily.
    Bring in good fuel to it.
    Don’t disturb their flimsy mentality.
    Your words… You can never take back,
    They have to be sued!
    By Arshia Aslam

  5. How sharp is your tongue
    Like a dagger piercing my lung
    Wounding deeply through my heart
    Scathing my soul
    How I wish to depart
    Leave me alone
    Stop pouring on me
    Your words of poison
    Killing me with no mercy

  6. Be careful of words you are using because you never knew what others are going thru .. words are very powerful weapon that can hurt someone down to their soul. Choose your words and respect everybody even if it is a child ..

  7. The SCREAM. Ask WHY the pain? Pain inflicted and received is the core of emotional distress and trauma. Expressed through tears creating less resilience….impairing crucial human connection in life. Less the connection more pain is created. Why the pain?

  8. Words are like a double-edged sword. It is the manifestation of our power. Be aware on what we say. It can always be an angel to heal or a devil to destroy.

  9. Bad mouthing behind someone’s back Back-stabs like nothing else ever does.It kills one’s spirit ruthlessly.The worst part is:The person doesn’t even gets to know.

  10. Say what you like behind my back, for the words you speak say more about you than I
    I weep not for myself, my tears are out of pity for you, for you do not know how to love

  11. Children remember what they feel not what you teach,
    Hold, hug, cherish them, they’re within your reach.
    Labels confine, Give them wings instead,
    Love and appreciation is Magic, it is said!

  12. With every word said with conviction that the child is useless, trash,stupid, mistake,etc the child becomes less and less of himself and more and more of what the mother said to him.

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