Caption this – 22 October

Caption this - 22 October

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will Wise pick on 25 October

106 thoughts on “Caption this – 22 October”

  1. Once, we were close and together. . .
    now we are apart, only colorful memories just linger. .
    keeping our body and soul to never part!
    The love between us never dies. .
    still alive and burning. .
    but only the imagination plays!

  2. In the emphatic expanse of an uniform universe
    You & I, with essence & effervescence
    Coitally coincide.
    Yet, in this small hole of a world
    We dwell all lonely;
    Miles away & mutely apart
    Like two kites, tied to separate strings
    We exist in our tranquil tragedies
    For today, tomorrow & eternity
    Like inert soul, who fail to breathe
    In this vast expanse of Ecstasy.

  3. No matter where you are,
    you stay near, or go afar,
    if you’re destined to meet,
    your hearts will beat,
    to the same rythm,
    love will propel you
    to sing the same hymn…..

  4. With Time, we have lost our togetherness,
    The sweetest vibe once we knew and the lovely grace,
    I know when the night slips away, stars have to wither,
    The moon has to limp throughout the cursed sky with afflictive blisters.
    But Darling, we are still inseparable, whether Time builds us or devours,
    It knows, you will always remain safe in my heart and I will remain safe in yours…

  5. We were near and together once. .
    now that we are apart our colorful memories just linger. .
    keeping our body and soul to never part!
    Love for each other never dies. .
    still alive and burning, the imagination plays!

  6. She’s longing to be noticed by him, his longing to be noticed by her. While they wait, Mother Nature will paint the most beautiful picture of their future together.

  7. Although my body links to yours as close as we can get..
    I just keep you and you keep me inside our heart at distance you can’t bet..
    So we can’t hurt each other until the time let we met..
    Whether it’s the right time, or it’s a bad one that could make you upset..

  8. In a world where change is the only change
    that doesn’t change,
    She was, is and will always be my constant.

    The constant who constantly works to see a
    constant smile on my face.

  9. You choose that person who
    is far away from you is a decision only a strong person can do.

    You love someone who’s thousand miles away from you because you are strong to accept the fact that distance is not a barrier at all.

    Stay strong until you finally be with your partner and not having to leave each other’s arms again. . .

  10. We are no longer together and we talk no more.
    But the memories talk to both of us.
    Memories make us sit down and play those little moments of happiness.

    I just wish memories will stop talking too…

  11. You and me,
    The beautiful us,
    Fostering an universe,
    Inside our relationship,
    All the dashing colors,
    And the deep blue sea,
    The vast sky and everything between,
    The perfect union,
    Of body, mind and soul.

  12. Time and space cannot keep our souls apart. We are coming back to each other. Because this is meant to be. It is a slow process, very, very slow… but is worth it for the amount of healing soul work that is at stake. This is the true power of Love

  13. I knew from the minute I first saw you,
    Your face radiant in the sun,
    Beads of sweat above your lips,
    Lips bowed into that perfect smile.
    There was a warm breeze blowing.
    The wind blew you straight into my heart.

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