Caption this and Selected Wisepicks – 22 March 2020

Caption this 22 March 2020

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Selected Wisepicks

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Wicked Bad Girl

Be careful. Your wicked tongue comes
right out of your child’s mouth.

Sheena Gupta

Be careful lest you pass your sharp tongue to your child because
of this weapon,
though without a bone can break many hearts.

Darshan Marlecha

Your kids are a mini version of you,
make sure when you see them you appreciate
yourself not depreciate.

Karen Marie

The tongue is a double-edged sword,
used for love or hate.
Children learn by example so tame your tongue wisely.

Shilpika Bagh

A “language” one learns growing up;
reflect one’s “mother tongue”.

Bernadette Mantin

A parents abusive and prejudice language becomes
the child’s abusive and prejudice language.

Grace A. Comia

Watch your tongue around your kid.
Its sharpness influences your child’s actions
that could break another’s will.

Cyndi Hannes

Children are not bullies at birth,
they are taught by example.

Pooja Abhay Nirmal

A misbehaving child is the result of being raised by a
disturbed and misbehaved parent.

May Gregorio Demafiles

A child is a reflection of a mother since they are always
together and it’s easy for the child to emulate what she is.

Susan Fair Arakelian

Your children act as they are taught.

Rocio Alvarenga

Inadvertently our children become our voice.
Out of the mouth of babes, our voices are heard.

Kred Seabah

The Children Look Up To Their Parents As Role Models,
Worthy Of Emulation. Thus The Reflection. . .

Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

Watch your words because the evil comments can spew
venom and ruin other’s life if spoken by your offspring!

Lei Hej

Parents attitude reflects on their children.

Liz Schilling

Be careful with your words if you are bullying your child with your words,
your child will most likely bully others.

Shanthi Priya

A child speaks through a parent’s tongue

XtinA MYt

Neglectful parenting raises bullies.

Temitola Sohft Fund

The mother’s thread is what the child sew

Sulekha Pande

Kids parrot their parent’s words of social inequality.

Victor Negro

A child is the lengthened shadow of its mother.

Gayatri Shenoy

Your child’s vicious tongue is all yours!

Priya Prakash

Children echoes parents thought

Beena Baburajan

Be careful what you feed your children’s mind…
That is how they will relate to others in the world.

Julia Josaphat

Your kid is who you are.
Kids are just like a blank page,
the picture that’ll come out is just what you draw after all.

Fatima Akram

Children are the manifestation of parents’ values

Julie Ryderis Carnelly

Bullies aren’t born; they’re bred

Dr.Vidhi Shah

Childrens only imbibe their parents,
so make sure how you want Your progeny to be

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