Caption this – 20 September

Caption this - 20 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 23 September

80 thoughts on “Caption this – 20 September”

  1. As the story unfolds…words flow into me…. shredding me…making every part in me a character…it’s all me, everything happening to me…yet, I know not the story….each turn and twist creating and destroying characters….making a new me….as the story unfolds, words flow into me……

  2. There is story inside me that is untold,
    It’s time to write that story,
    Set myself free
    And let the story unfold.
    With every word that I write,
    I feel no desire to hide,
    I am setting myself free,
    Pouring my soul out,
    I am becoming the real me.

  3. My life is story.,
    The story I’ve written by my own deeds
    Good or bad;
    Smiles or weeps;
    I’ll keep writing till the day I sleep…
    One day it will rise to glory..
    It’s my favourite story.

  4. As I absorb the words on the pages,
    I think my life is a story for the ages.
    Part tragedy, triumph and fun ,
    the final chapter has just begun.
    What will be next for me?
    I’ll turn the page and see!

  5. I’m bleeding words of heartbreak and sadness, my skin no longer capable of holding them in. They’re there, just beneath the surface, waiting for me to finally let go of the pain and be happy!

  6. I dived myself into writing for you
    What you leaving me felt
    What my soul went through
    Now the last ink of my pen has become a heavy burden
    Am I crying the poem?
    Or is the poem crying me?
    I am not anymore certain!

  7. my magic wand.. is nothing but my hand..
    it could create bridges..even bear aches..
    it can double your wisdom also your boredom..
    make you run from places..where distance arises..
    surely it will please you..nurture your inner senses … once i started swaying….. boastfull but its true..its what my hand can do.

  8. I suck many muse through my hand
    Dipped with blue & black ink’s tan
    I keep my mind full with words
    To drip them back to the world
    When the time is dark & night is red
    Hold on tight. Don’t be afraid.

  9. The only way to unburden your heart,
    put your pen to paper and write every part,
    tell your story what tears you apart,
    the world will sit and take note,
    you will be remembered
    for every story, every quote…

  10. The way I vent my feelings,
    Happiness and sadness alike,
    Direct from my brain and heart,
    On to the pages through my hand,
    Haven’t found a better way than that,
    To flush the feelings out of me,
    I write what I think, what I feel,
    I write, therefore I am.

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