Caption this – 20 October

Caption this - 20 October

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
Wise pick for the image will be published on 23 October

98 thoughts on “Caption this – 20 October”

  1. You’re safe dear,
    nothing to fear.
    The life out there
    is too much to bare.
    But I’m so afraid,
    that this barrier will fade.
    For the future will come,
    then protection is for no one.

  2. Parents
    Social interaction is very essential to elevate the child’s mind
    Grab the tiny addiction from their hand
    Let them interact with others to get a clear understand of this world.

  3. Your safety cone may protect your child now
    But he has to know about the world to protect himself in future
    So allow him to interact with humans to learn and love.

  4. Parents
    You are giving so much protection to your children
    Oneday you may let them free
    But they can’t free themselves from that game addiction.

  5. Do we really have to build walls around our children . .
    under the guise of shielding and protecting them?. .
    Or. .rather expose and let them stand on their own feet . .
    to learn the ropes of life!

  6. An introvert he’ll become more likely. .
    when his own activities are controlled . .
    shielding or preventing him to socialize. .
    retards his growth to develop into a full person!

  7. Pull the fucking electronics out of his hand put a fishing pole rifle and a tool in his hand he should be learning for himself and others the responsibility of taking care of others and in turn it will take care of you

  8. To Protect the Child
    From Harm & Fiends
    The Mother erects many caution cones
    Around her child’s domain.
    She encourages him/her
    To make virtual friends
    For in this narcissist world
    Nobody in essence is real.

  9. a mother blocking her child from the other activities at this age children should do like sports,hanging with other children and its also give the mother control on her child by giving them technology rather then teaching them other things that world has for them.

  10. you want us to assume – okay then – the kid has a camera and is checking out his shots he clicked of the chic without a shirt on behind him – the one with the beaded tattoo on her right arm. Her mom is checking out his moms ass and wondering if she’ll bring that last cone home, and why she isn’t wearing her glasses?? The boy is being ostracized from society for being himself, but doesn’t care, cause he has a great sense of style, but doesn’t like wearing shoes – only bright white socks. He also knows that the orange cones have no meaning in the desert, and everyone will be thirsty soon, as the sun is about to melt those fuckers. His camera also has a built in canteen – JUST for these slightly awkward situations when you find yourself far away from home but still realize water is a necessity – but also know the google maps car might drive by at any minute – stay safe my friends!

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