Caption this – 20 August

Caption this - 20 August

Caption this - 20 August

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64 thoughts on “Caption this – 20 August”

  1. They say,” love is in the air”.
    If you come to think about it, it really is.
    Thanks to modern Cupid in the form of connectivity, we all are connected.
    Love is everywhere in the air, but among us is the love detected!?.

  2. I missed the old days when you miss someone you go to his house and see him face to face.
    I know that the technology now is amazing and made people connected than before
    But for me what we are now is really sad

  3. The way cupid works,
    In this digital age,
    Even he has to adapt,
    Broadcasting love waves through Wi-Fi,
    Spreading love though apps,
    Humans only stare at mobile,
    They stopped seeing others,
    Face to face, a long time ago.

  4. Attacked by Cupid,
    In those days,
    Lover bent down on the knees,
    Now, affected by modern Cupid,
    We bend our heads down,
    Every last one us in the whole town.
    Though we all have the connection,
    There is less human interaction.
    So let me ask again,
    Are we all connected?..

  5. The modern Cupid,
    Shoots arrows of wifi.
    We all bow down when it comes,
    Succumbing to the power of internet.
    The irony is, we all are connected but really really alone.,
    In our very own world looking on to the screen of our phone…

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