Caption this – 2 October

Caption this - 2 October

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.
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  1. You can’t safeguard someone always.
    As you safeguard them, they grow up naive and innocent and when they experience a bitter reality, it will be too hard for them to accept the pain…

  2. “It hurts”, she cried in pain.
    “It will be alright. The suffering is not in vain. Just don’t let it leave a stain”, her mother consoled her…

  3. The world out there,
    About you they don’t care.
    And they don’t play it fair.
    So be careful and don’t lose the flair.
    Show them that amidst the hell,
    You can live life well…

  4. It’s alright,
    I know it hurts.
    I wish I could say
    That the pain would go away.
    But it won’t.
    Learn to withstand and endure, for there is no easy cure to stay safe and secure.
    The pain might never go away,
    But what Matters is if you can still smile at the end of the day…

  5. Hold on tight, till you feel alright.
    There are more battles to be won, my little one…
    Let me show you what love is like, even if the world is out to strike!

  6. So many injuries she had
    When I was wounded
    She embraced me with her warm hands
    She never took away the pain
    But She supported me from fell down
    She gradually taught me how to endure all those lesion.

  7. Though she is weak with many wounds
    Whenever you are in pain,she always embrace you with her both hands
    Yet children never look at those hidden cuts.

  8. A mother’s love for her child is priceless. With that same intensity, She hurts to see her child suffer and what’s more painful for her is when the one’s responsible for it are people she thought she could trust.

  9. She couldn’t figure it out on her own. She lived the roll never breaking the cycle. Now she’s the first to show you who you don’t want to be.

  10. However hard I might try to care,
    There’ll be some stabs that I can’t repair,
    But my child, you should continue to play,
    Leave all may, a mother’s embracement will always stay.

  11. Pain will be there my dear
    Learn to endure, learn to bear
    As you go all along
    With life’s agony be strong
    For when there is pain
    Hold on, it is never vain

  12. No matter how much I protect you my dear! The pain will surpass me I am clear. Time to tell you, my little girl that the world won’t be fair. Everyone has got to take their pain’s share! But don’t you fear, for in you I can see the birth of another indomitable woman near!

  13. I sed that I’d be there, fully ..aware..all pain the that’s behind’s not;
    it’s right there.
    carrying you with me..
    the life that I bare..
    While knowing the pain will never be fair

  14. “More power to you, Mother – the one who protects her fragile child from the traumas of life despite her own innumerable scars and hurdles. “Love over Pain!!”❤

  15. As soon as the mother passes her pain on to the child the divide begins. She wants to make amends but her child’s trust is waning. Be very careful how you deal with your hurt.

  16. “I cannot have any more of these prick me, honey- especially in my chest area. You will take some for me- after all, sharing is caring and you I did not buy you cheap at all!”

    ~The atrocities of child trafficking.

  17. It is a wise choice for a child to hold on to their parents at times when pain started to introduce itself, seeing they themselves have endured a lot of pain and have stood strong for them who needed them.

  18. “The pain of a child is mother’s greatest misery.”

    “Mother’s pain is much greater than anyone when her child is hurt, even greater than the child him/herself.”

  19. As a mater, she guarded her Completely Or partially?
    No one knows!
    A bunch of pain she bore for her.
    Little did she know,
    Her efforts were in vain
    That one day
    The little one had to move out
    Experience the pain
    Face the World.

  20. “Stab my back as much as you want,
    Incinerate all my flesh & sense
    My mom shall always be there
    To cushion me of all my pain.”

    This notion I held for most part of my life
    Feels today to be just a miraged illusion.

  21. Come to me with your burdens dear
    She whispered as she held me near
    Mama take this pain away
    In your arms is where I want to stay
    Little was I aware
    That every ache she took from me; was one more for her to bear.

  22. The love of a mother is incomparable
    A shield that protects without compromise…
    Her arms are of peace
    Even in her pain she finds strength to be of comfort to her child’s pain
    Sacrificing her discomfort; to comfort her child
    Carrying her scars in pride to protect her child

  23. leaning in for comfort yet keeping a marked distance
    relateable pain of recognized wounds
    whether age of innocence or transference
    or inability to console
    inflicted patterns cause distrust despite desire for nurture
    seems an obligatory embrace

  24. I will be a shield to all your sorrows oh my little one,
    But there will be certain life’s lessons which will be taught by no one;
    You will have to learn from your own experiences,
    How not to get hurt and continue with resilience…

  25. Parents POV:
    When you see your child hurting, it hurts you multifold of lifetime more. But the pain is nothing as long as I can embrace and support my child to withstand the pain & stand up again and make them feel “its going to be all right.”

  26. I am sorry that you had to experience this pain this early in your life. I wish I could promise you that it would be the last, and I wish I could protect you from it all. Please protect yourself, don’t gift your trust.

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