Caption this – 19 August

Caption this - 19 August

Caption this - 19 August

Wisepick for the image will be published on 22 August

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  1. Fidelity to her man blinds her to his faults,
    while love for their children mutes her of all there is to bear.
    Such is the secret to all those beautiful family portraits of old.
    The selfless fortitude and silent dignity of women was a fiat owed to the family name.

  2. There was time when women were silenced and blinded but that day has passed and can only be seen in pictures by people who can never conceive of such a thing .

  3. Dear woman,
    In this male dominated world,
    You may be blinded by husband,
    Muted by the son,
    How beautiful do you manage everything and everyone!
    They are scared of your powers that if a blind and mute woman could do so much,
    What kind of reform would she bring if freed!
    Dear woman,
    These men aren’t ready for your powers. Pity them!!

  4. Jesus fucking Christ people!!!! Children are a blessing. The outcome of divine connection. Its not a damn death sentence to embrace family and a love greater than just ourselves. Have you no heart? Have you no grace?

  5. The patriarch blinds
    His matriarch into learning silence by controlling
    her foremost fear,
    the primal father to son
    gene expression,
    more powerful than
    motherly love.

  6. Woman,
    be seen,
    produce and raise kids,
    don’t see, don’t speak,
    don’t think, don’t be free,
    we will dominate you
    for the rest of your life,
    as husband and son,
    speaking of powers?
    Dear lady…..
    You have none…..

  7. Woman,
    Oh dear woman,
    you’re blindfolded,
    by the men in your life,
    their masculinity,
    hides your power,
    to see, to think
    and to speak,
    one dominates your present,
    and the other’s getting ready,
    to stifle your future…..

  8. to your ego and dignity,
    she is forced to unsee..
    the wrongs you forceupon,
    and your obstinate brag ons..
    then quietened for the love of her offspring,
    until he turns to be equally controlling!!

  9. Father controlling what she sees,
    Son controlling what she speaks,
    Like father, Like son..
    But is it something to be proud about.?
    Some say it is love through control,
    For others, it is just pure control.
    Either way, control is what would remain,
    Her identity is what would be stolen.

  10. Fettered in the name of family,
    I live and die with no identity.
    They address me as his wife.
    Or the son’s mother.
    But what about me
    And my dreams that wither?
    What if I have hopes
    Beyond the family tree,
    What if I have dreams
    In my fettered feathers?..

  11. Her right to speak and see.
    Is SAFE behind the family tree!?
    All her life she shall be free,
    In grooming up and looking after the tree.
    But beyond that, she could not leave the tree.
    She would never fly for her dreams with wings.
    She would not see the world and its things.
    Cause she is fettered by family and she’s free only to what family brings.
    And a identity for herself doesn’t come under such things…

    1. Salitta Agustin that would only create more troubles and conflict for any mother trying to protect
      the one child who needs her to be strong. Escape from a dominant husband and father first is her only chance for herself and the child who needs her the most.

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