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Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.

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83 thoughts on “Caption this – 18 September”

  1. Anger is a chain reaction,
    Any little scorn can create a violent storm.
    And it won’t rest until devastating damages dawn.
    So be the king of your emotions, not a puny pawn…

  2. When something doesn’t happen as it should,
    Don’t scold nor be cold,
    Remember with your behavior, you mould.
    And a child learns more from what it sees and not from what it is told…

  3. “Bad behavior is a reflection of a worse treatment”

    When we are surrounded by positive and loving environment we grow to be the best version of our selfs, unlike being hurt all the time and living in a toxic environment where we end up being worst than what our nature truly is.

  4. The furious man vent his gall
    Upon his lady love.
    The irate lady then enthrall
    Their poor lovely calve.
    The livid baby is no patient, damn!
    So he throws out the toys out of his pram!

  5. A child is the reflection of his parent’s actions.
    Let this world be a happy place and upbring your children with positive thoughts, instead of showing the negative side of the world to this tender mind!

  6. Don’t express your displeasure in a rant,
    oh dears, don’t show crassness,
    your child can see what you can’t,
    abuse, misbehavior,
    violence are visible to the child,
    hold your horses and please be mild…..

  7. Toxicity of the parents,
    With the simmering anger overflowing,
    Passed down to the next generation,
    Setting up their life the anger way.
    The impact down the line,
    Disastrous it would be,
    The anger gene would propagate,
    Not the way it is meant to be.

  8. Unloving parents push their children to become bullies as a child and maybe even abusers as an adult. When parents show no compassion, the child has to let go of inner pain somehow.

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