Caption this – 18 August

Caption this - 18 August

Caption this - 18 August

Wisepick for the image will be published on 21 August

46 thoughts on “Caption this – 18 August”

  1. Parents:
    A baby is ours to hold, carry, nourish and cherish all through the journey right from its conception…. and to this rule there’s no exception!

  2. A father thinks of a child in his mind,
    It’s the mother who can feel her baby in her every breathe!
    And for a perfect upbringing
    what else could be the perfect combination? Strictness from one, and emotions from other!

  3. The girl full of joy, carrying a baby in her womb.
    The guy full of worries, carrying the baby in his thoughts.
    The girl suffering with pregnancy symptoms,
    The guy suffering with imaginary symptoms.

  4. Those 9 months and a few,
    While she carries the child in her womb,
    He carries the same in his mind,
    Both towards delivering the child safely.
    Once outside though, for the lifetime,
    Both carry the child in their hearts and minds.

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