Caption this – 17 September

Caption this - 17 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.

Wise pick for the image will be published on 20 September

108 thoughts on “Caption this – 17 September”

  1. I’m glad
    That exordium of my history
    Included you.
    That climax of it
    I bore with you.

    ‘But now’
    I’m sad,
    That now when it ceases
    I don’t have you.

  2. Not my quote, but I thought I would share since it seemed fitting to the pic.
    “She lost him, but she found herself, and somehow that was everything.” -Taylor Swift, from the song “Out of the Woods”.

  3. I took a chance,
    embraced the memories once more,
    But then took a glance,
    and saw you there no more,
    So I held a my breath,
    Let it out,
    and rest assured,
    continued moving forth.

  4. we were happy and full of dreams when we started..
    but as we walk closer to fullfil our dreams..
    you were slowly fading… as i we grew nearer…
    i found myself in the end 🙁

  5. It’s due to grips with hands.. holding capacity and capabilities counts.. unless you are not strong enough to hold please avoid such walking further.. Don’t spoil someone’s road of happiness for no reason.

    hand’s are responsible for perfect walking.
    not easy for everyone.

  6. Your darkness was never a bother to me.
    I always like your company.
    In the sands, we will walk like immortals.
    But in the summer you left me without a call.
    Forever I waited for you
    But you left me hanging when autumn came.

  7. Be aware of the energy you give off.
    You might be busy with your laugh.
    But the one who walks beside,
    Might be withering away,
    Might be tired of each day.
    Might be hesitant to open up and say…

  8. No one walks beside us forever.
    In this journey, we all are mere passengers.
    And we meet many strangers.
    Some we walk with,
    Some we dance with,
    Some we laugh with.
    But we cant command hands of time,
    We can only savour it while it lasts.
    And times like this always seems to go by fast…

  9. How we danced together,
    Our hands intertwined with each other.

    How we ran madly in love.
    But now, as I stand still,
    The present moment kills.
    Without the one with whom , love I would fill…

  10. In this life tide,
    We come across people who walk by our side.
    As they leave, the relationship might cleave.
    But we forget that we walk this Earth alone.
    And whoever we meet are only on loan.
    I know it might look like a mess.
    But it’s supposed to be like that to make us realize that all we really have is us…

  11. Together we had a beautiful ride,
    But nowadays you are not by my side.
    Something changed along the way.
    And you started to fade away.
    I am all red in love but you are just gray.
    I don’t know what went wrong that you won’t stay…

  12. We walked hand in hand no one could tear us apart
    were no longer who we were from the start
    The people we were have faded away
    It hurts because you promised you were here to stay
    We’ve grown so distant now your not even there
    But I still long for your love it just isn’t fair

  13. Are you a shadow or a dream?
    Joining my life in a realm.
    How fragile, how surreal
    For awhile you were there
    Like a shadow, like a dream
    You just left me alone
    Deeply lost and in pain

  14. Holding my hand…
    moving forward
    you leap..
    Not tracing my step..
    It’s to hard keep..
    Distancing slowly
    While holding a bond…
    Diminishing slowly…
    You can’t carry beyond…
    Leaving it all…

    You already moved on.

  15. Our fingers entwined, my grip seemed fine. I don’t know how but along the way, I lost you and being alone was new. I know in my heart what we shared had left me prepared and the journey continues…

  16. Some people are not meant to be with a person forever. You only walk with the broken until they are healed. Your soul purpose is to guide the darkened souls to a brighter future.

  17. ::::StarChild….
    She thought she was truly in love for so many years with what he had promised her in return for her heart….
    Little did she know that slowly throughout the years his master disguise would begin to unravel with all of the broken promises he had sung to her….
    Now as she walks forward today to a much more brighter future she tends to find herself sometimes looking back and wondering where did all of that time go??….
    Though not yet realizing that all that time spent in the shadow of an absentee partner was not all lost and tossed around in vain…
    She was happy with this newfound thoughts….
    And soon came to the realization that while in deep contemplation….
    She was discovering herself, her heart, her soul and all that she holds in value

  18. You lose them,
    to death, misunderstandings,
    situations or circumstances,
    to survive losses,
    you must stand firm, strong,
    resilient and unwavering,
    for your best friend can only be,

  19. At the start of a Quest
    The Blue & the red equally resonate
    Tracking on moment’s pinch dotted way
    But as the path traverses more deep
    Blue begins to disintegrate
    As red is left all alone
    At the end of the fading trail.

  20. Her perspective
    As we marched on,
    I was always confident,
    I had you with me,
    For that day and forever.
    Little did I know,
    You were slowly breaking away,
    Till one day I turned around,
    I found you totally gone.

  21. His perspective
    As we walked along,
    Through the lanes of life,
    You never realized,
    I was frittering away.
    You thought you had me forever,
    In your complete self absorption,
    Little did you know,
    I was being burnt to ashes.

  22. I remember a time.
    When all I knew was you,
    And you were mine.
    Life Changes.
    And now you’re gone,
    Only to remain a ghost in my heart, forever and a day.

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