Caption this – 16 September

Caption this - 16 September

Provide a witty, meaningful caption for the picture, we will select the best captions and publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours.

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130 thoughts on “Caption this – 16 September”

  1. Freedom is not walking out. It is not staying away. Freedom is not cutting ties or breaking out. It is detaching you from the words you pour. For, if I believe all your venomous words, why shouldn’t I belive your loving ones? Where does the line lie, between the true you and the words you carelessly spew?

  2. I choose to cut the cord that binds me,
    I choose to free myself that hinders me,
    I choose to not allow any disrespect,
    I choose to take my powers back,
    I choose to love and heal myself!!

  3. I believed everything you said, did everything you asked without a word.

    Just like you tamed me.

    I was wrong and stupid, never good enough and it made me fear myself. I dressed and cooked and cleaned as you demanded.

    Just how you liked me.

    But when the door opened, I saw something more of me, one you said didn’t exist. I saw the colors of the world and the truth behind the real, grey you.

    Like the binds you tied around me.

    I learned to face the fear, to see the truth and finally I’m cutting the line that keeps me to you.

    Like the obedient pet you desired out of me.

    Now it’s gone. The cord of your words and anger gone. The threats and abuse are no more. I stand strong away from you, never to falter to your words again and keep my head high and smiling as I look forward.

    Just like you didn’t want from me.

  4. The choice is in your hands. Choose to cut off the invisible ‘threads’ of physical, verbal and emotional abuse that tie you up, hiding behind the name of marriage.

  5. You tangle me up in bob wire,
    sharp edges making permanent scars.
    Your words cutting deeper and deeper.
    Saying sorry, more times than the number of stars.
    By now I know that you are a compulsive liar.
    Time to cut you off, I am my own redeemer.

  6. Your toxic words tossed in vile and venom…
    Engulf my body ,engulf my soul.
    Such pain inflicted leaves wounds .
    Wounds that world can’t see –
    But I writhe ,wriggle bound in it .
    Today ,I pledge to tear ,tear all threads into pieces…
    I will shred all ties that are vile and beguile me for years.
    I tear them off along with you..
    I will cease to exist such life
    I will come out clear.
    (C) Bidisha

  7. An editor is like a dentist; they perform painful extractions on run-on sentences, and clean the story’s paragraphs individually with sharp tools that sometimes require the author to rinse and spit until their plot is crystal clear and enjoyable to read.

  8. The time is now to cut and run . . . I no longer fear your poison tongue . . I release myself from your words of scorn . . . I cut the strings . . . I am reborn . . . My journey begins through that door . . . The strings are cut, my wings released . . . I can fly away to live in peace . . .

  9. A writer without an editor, is like a pilot without a plane; you can’t publish your book unless someone else reads it and cuts out the excess baggage.

  10. Already tired with all the vicious words and glance,
    I never want to have another chance.
    Breaking the tie is the only muse.
    No truce for emotional abuse.
    No compromise for vice.
    New hope shall rise.
    No maybe or but,
    I have made up my mind,
    And I am going to cut…

  11. You drain me out,
    Oh, and how you shout,
    Even when there is nothing to be angry about.
    Showering me with words of scorn and contempt,
    I wonder, whether to you it all tempts;
    To scold and see me helpless,
    As I go to the point of degrading myself useless.
    Yet you continue to condemn me,
    And never let me be me,
    Completely oblivious to the torture you give.
    And if you don’t realize your folly, how can I ever forgive.
    I do love you, by the way.
    But you no longer listen to what I have to say.
    You have changed into something new and I no longer recognize you.
    My life was colorful before, but now I am blue.
    Thanks to you…

  12. The words that hurt,
    the people who’re curt,
    the venom that ties,
    the love that dies,
    the chains that bind,
    are only in mind,
    just pick your scissors,
    and emerge winners…

  13. Nothing justifies
    the venom you poured over me,
    nothing can make me forget
    the pain your words inflicted
    upon me, tying me up in knots,
    but I cut you off, I cut the cycle,
    I cut you out forever today..

  14. The reckless words you let loose,
    They are slowly becoming my noose.
    Us became you and me,
    And I am no longer free.
    I can’t bring myself to negotiate a timely truce.
    I never wanted it this way, but you made me to choose…

  15. Caught in his abusive bond,
    I am a fettered fish in his preposterous pond.
    This has gone too far,
    And I already have may a scar.
    I have no thoughts of truce.
    He has crossed his limits through words of abuse…

  16. Whenever he is tense,
    He loses his sense.
    His reckless words tie me,
    And doesn’t let me be.
    This is too much to take,
    Why do I have to suffocate,
    This can’t be my fate.
    I will no longer be fettered,
    I am cutting the ties for the better…

  17. I hv been waiting 4 this moment to come..
    The moment when i see u as a lifeless.. Colorless shadow.. Just a Shadow..
    U no longer has an imapct on me ..
    U no longer can chain me by ur harsh .. Keen words..
    U no longer be in my life ..
    Cause u r just a shadow .. And a shadow must fade away .

  18. For long I tolerated your harsh words….that were like a rope of thorns… Your harsh painful words were like a verbal abuse that had destroyed mentally and physically….; No longer will I be trapped in your poisonous…rope ….; I cut myself free no longer under your bad verbal shadow…

  19. Everything you say I am is a reflection of you.
    You are weak, a parasite and a coward.
    I cut these ties.
    All the seeds of self doubt you planted in my head I am now a gardener and I’m replanting my own seeds.
    You are all that you put onto me.
    I am stronger than you and more than you will ever be for you are a dark soul.

  20. You trapped me
    You kept me
    You hid me
    You hurt me
    But I grew strong and I broke myself free
    I released myself from your spite
    I cut myself free from your words
    Where there was once fear and pain
    There is now light

  21. A word know as IGNORANCE since ear this happened and how much time we are spending to think what others say !! talk !! discuss!! ignoring is a best decision.. stupid and wise can’t walk for longer.

  22. Snip off the ties,
    That were nothing but lies…
    In your hunger to control me,
    The pain you inflicted, you could never see.
    I set myself free and walk out through the door,
    Putting an end to your dominance and verbal war!

  23. When Suzy realised her reality was with some verbally abusive thread projecting monster she took out her trusty scissors and cut that connection quick and fast!

  24. The man’s vilified string of stinging words
    Ties around the woman like a fish in a pod
    He pretends to be all good, preciously God
    But in reality he is just, an age old fraud.
    “So, let’s chop off his tongue.” The woman thinks.
    Thus, with no more thought she scissors & shrinks
    The length of the rope tying the woman’s life.
    This was the story of a Man & his wife.

  25. I thought I can heal u by pulling out your negativity and calm d chaos in u but man dis is consuming me and costing me my peace and I have to save myself by cutting u loose…sorry but me first☺️

  26. A cut for every word you said …
    A cut for every wound you opened
    A cut for all the crazy you made me feel
    A cut for all of my self dignity and self worth …
    A cut I finally made
    A cut to set myself free
    A cut for all cuts I chose this one for me cause today I cut the cord , the cord to set myself free…

  27. The hate and rage behind his words trapped me in fear until I found the strength to cut all ties demanding he stand down , walk out the door and stay away forever .

  28. Cut it out!!!
    Cut the negativity.
    Cut the toxic people.
    Cut the bullshits.
    Cut all the energies that makes your world tangled and controls who you are.
    You are unique and no matter what they say defy the norm. CUT IT ALL OUT!!!

  29. For so long I believed the words you said… You kept me bound and full of dread…. Now the door is open and I shall leave, no longer entrapped by your vicious creed. Cutting loose and leaving free, your shadow no longer entangles me!

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