Caption this – 16 August

Caption this - 16 August

Caption this - 16 August


Wisepick for the image will be published on 19 August

73 thoughts on “Caption this – 16 August”

  1. Those were the days,
    when we were together
    Now, you ‘v left me alone
    Only to suffer!
    I want to sensate again the essence of your presence,
    that would heal the agony given by your absence!

  2. No matter what the odds are, life will continue. So even if I lost you, I will continue to embrace life and live in faith that despite the great memories of you remain, I will not get hurt nor will I suffer forever. I owe it to our Creator to find the meaning and purpose in my life. Death only separates us but our purpose is one.

  3. Oh! How good those days were!
    Now I am fettered in loneliness’ lair.
    I was okay before I became a pair.
    Now without him, life isn’t fair.
    To Lean on his shoulder,
    To sit beside him,
    Oh, whatever it would take,
    I would dare,
    Because these days,
    The memories are bare,
    Longing for him and his care…

  4. The girl who loved unconditionally, fears to be someone’s now
    But yearns for a shoulder
    A shoulder to hold her
    Arms to caress her fingers
    Her sad eyes waiting for someone to make them glowy again
    There is a hurricane in her looking for someone to bring her back to peace
    Someone who joins back her each and every peice
    This is all she looks but she is not looking for love
    She wants to be mad about someone again , but not in love , not at all in love…

  5. I was happy and contented in my life game.
    But as he came,
    I felt this inner flame.
    Of longing and belonging to him.
    But now, he’s out of the frame.
    And my life’s dim.
    And I know not what to blame.
    I just know my life will not be the same.
    I am not saying he’s a prince charming with a crown.
    But he’s my world, and without him, I just feel alone…

  6. I always feel you with me,
    Doesn’t matter if no-one can see!
    You did not think twice before leaving,
    But the beautiful memories, I am still preserving!
    I hope to find happiness after being left alone,
    Because solitude is better than fake flaunt!!

  7. The days we spent together,
    Sitting beside each other,
    He is gone now,
    But not his love.
    Thinking about us,
    I sit by. Thus,
    I choose not to suffer,
    But to savour,
    Each moment we spent together,
    Each moment we sat beside each other,
    Though it wasn’t forever…

  8. Memories flood my mind with reminisce of the past.
    I keep him in my memory bouquet,
    Imprinted in my soul.
    Until something triggers my mind,
    Then everything reminds me of the Serendipity of the past.

  9. Those wonderful moments,
    We spent together,
    Melting away my worries,
    Leaning on your shoulder.
    Moments of bliss,
    That’s what they were.
    All of it is gone now,
    Memories are all I have to hold me together…

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