Caption this – 11 June

 June 11, 2018

Caption this - 11 June

Caption this - 11 June

Wisepick for the image will be published on 14 June

70 comments on “Caption this – 11 June

  1. As you try to save him,
    Be cautious and clear.
    Trying to save him,
    You might be a savior.
    But remember, things are not always what they seem.
    So be sure to notice the betrayal beam.
    Betrayal comes when you least think,
    And leaves you heart broken in a blink…

  2. Be careful of who you save.
    I know that heart is all that you have.
    And love is all that you crave
    But beware of the betrayal wave,
    As you would fall,
    As it pave it’s way
    When you are busy saving the victim’s day…

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