Caption this – 11 June

Caption this - 11 June

Caption this - 11 June

Wisepick for the image will be published on 14 June

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  1. As I try to slit the noose tied to your neck
    You topple the stool I stood upon
    For you never trusted me but I was your friend.
    You always considered me as your foe.

  2. As you try to save him,
    Be cautious and clear.
    Trying to save him,
    You might be a savior.
    But remember, things are not always what they seem.
    So be sure to notice the betrayal beam.
    Betrayal comes when you least think,
    And leaves you heart broken in a blink…

  3. Be careful of who you save.
    I know that heart is all that you have.
    And love is all that you crave
    But beware of the betrayal wave,
    As you would fall,
    As it pave it’s way
    When you are busy saving the victim’s day…

  4. this is betrayal at its worst…being betrayed by someone hurts but being betrayed by someone you’re risking your life into is the worst…

  5. Who’s Law

    Lawlessly faultful
    Flawlessly be you until full
    Their will, his will and your own free will
    Combine creating push and pull

    Are they playing by their own rules
    Do they assume like them we’re fools
    If an eye is not an eye
    What good is this spade or their tools

    When questioned, put to test of faith
    I wonder if they are so braith
    If given enough rope or bait
    Will they hang and seculate?

    Written by Michael Hodder

  6. There are those in life who see another’s inability of helping themselves and compassion overrides the fear of trusting too much, before your own freedom is assured. And there are those imbalanced ones that kills them both.

  7. Help they neighbour (one guy helps the other in escaping the jaws of death by cutting the noose the other helping to keep the slipping foot stool in place)

  8. Before you show empathy,
    Fixing someone’s issues for them,
    Choose them with care,
    While handling them, beware.
    For all the help you are doing,
    Wouldn’t make sense at all,
    If they land you into trouble,
    While you take them out of it.

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