Caption this – 8 May

 May 08, 2018

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Caption this - 8 May

Caption this - 8 May

Wisepick for the image will be published on 11 May

92 comments on “Caption this – 8 May

  1. The use of anger in words is an arrow of fear directed towards the one who is near..but not dear.
    You need to know you have your own bow. Deflect emotions that are not yours and be true to you.
    Restart the wounded part of your heart and soul to show the shield you weild.
    You have no need for arrows as you
    understand their pain.

  2. Your words were like daggers into my heart
    You then would act as if i was the one at fault
    It has taken time but I am finally free
    From the pain your words
    Shot straight into my veins
    But like a drug, I finally let you go
    Now I am whole
    Even stronger than I was before

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