Caption this – 8 April

Caption this - 8 April

Caption this - 8 April

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  1. Run, run and run
    Just like every one
    From Mon to Sun
    Doing so much, yet nothing getting done
    Break the cycle, look around
    Embrace the bliss that surround
    Heed your heart’s feeble sound
    Infinite happiness is yet to be found

  2. We should not pass through the weekdays just so we could have weekends. And the cycle resumes from there again. That’s not life. That’s not living. That’s running. That’s running in a loop. Remember, only when we take time to live, life will offer us, all it has to give.

  3. “Despite sentenced to a ‘life’time tightrope walking, I keep my steps measured and i don’t run amok. I decided to take on life every day at my own pace.”

  4. The days go slow and tedious ,just dragging on
    I’ve long forgotten where I go and where I’m coming from,
    I’m just a liar saying I just need structure,
    the truth being that my life is fractured,
    I never wanted to carry on like a neat rat,
    now I’ve gone too far; how will I end up, I fret?

  5. I only need to get off the wheel of torture,
    to step aside, stop chasing an illusionary fortune,
    stop marching to someone else’s beat,
    hoping that I will get the front seat,
    wasting my years in false hope……
    I’ve had enough and I can’t cope,
    I’ll pack my bags and go somewhere warm,
    far away from drama and life’s storms,
    closer to what I’ve been dreaming of,
    I only want this, and it’s enough!

  6. I’m the coolest professional you’ve ever met,
    looking sharper ,smarter than you do, I bet!
    Not having a routine and order makes me so upset…..
    But secretly I feel like a giant rat,
    living this kind of life fills me up with regret!

  7. If you wish to run,
    Have some fun…
    Put on your shoes,
    Let loose.
    Stressing over a job,
    Will only rob…
    The zest fun and happiness,
    Leave you surrounded in emptiness.
    Strike a balance now,
    Choose what you want to allow!

  8. What you do daily,
    Affects you greatly.
    Don’t get into the rut,
    Pay heed to the feeling in your gut.
    Act on what you feel,
    It’s a win-win deal!

  9. Day after day,
    In a habitual way…
    We keep going on
    Pause… to weigh the pros and con.
    Routine is a must,
    Gives you a thrust.
    Take a break,
    Memories to make…
    Every now and then
    If not now, then when?

  10. Time is not just a healer,
    It’s such a great propeller,
    If you run with time,
    You can hear your chime.
    Time flies but never belies.
    Stick to ticking time; so life
    Dawns to a whale of a time.

  11. Robotic life,
    I survive,
    working on weekdays,
    resting on weekends,
    running after lines that are dead,
    the rote, the cyclical life,
    sends me in a tizzy…..

  12. Running against time,
    leaving for work,
    Mon-Fri, rushing and running,
    living for weekends,
    I’m a prisoner of a cycle,
    that will never end,
    without ending me first…

  13. Running round and round in life like marry go round,
    Marry go round makes you dizzy at time and so is this vicious cycle!
    The need is to come out of this lifeless life, the mechanical life,
    And feed our soul!

  14. They say:
    “There are wheels within wheels”
    Yet man rides ‘the cycle of his life’ as he feels
    On his way he finds trials, tribulations and thrills.
    They say:
    “Rolling stone gathers no moss”
    Yes, he makes failures his stepping stones
    Every second, minute, day, week, month and year.
    Weekend cannot weaken him.
    The run for life is not mere fun,
    He knows his way and that makes his day
    He knows life is not vicious but luscious.
    The more he pedals, the more petals he finds.

  15. We keep running and running,
    But convince ourselves,
    We are living.
    Both are not the same things, we do know.
    But we just kind of go with the flow.
    So much strain,
    And we work with pain,
    Only so we could enjoy the weekend.
    But they say, the journey is as much important as the destination.
    Yet we work through the weekdays, only so we could arrive at it’s final bend.
    Oh, wait, still have the pain,
    Have got to strain,
    ‘Cause it’s Monday again…

  16. We are living lifelessly.
    Or to be more appropriate,
    We are running ruthlessly.
    And both are the same things I guess.
    By wanting more, we have become so much less.
    And fettered to the days and dates,
    We are such a mess.
    We are no more than a robot.
    Failing to realize we have a heart,
    We aren’t really living,
    Oh no, not even a part…

  17. A vicious cycle setting a bait for us,
    Capturing us in its poisonous snare.
    We walk past all the days,
    In the wait of Fridays.
    Every day, the same routine.
    Every week, the same cycle.
    Don’t get allured to the bait, dear,
    You’ll have to face your biggest fear.

  18. Sad truth.
    Once the masterpiece of God’s creativity,
    ‘Humans’, in the process of turning into mechanical geniuses, are now operating themselves, as mechanical pieces.

  19. Go slow, take a break, life is everything but a race.
    Break the cycle, breathe fresh air, your heart & mind need it, to maintain a human pace..

    Day after day you are walk the same way,
    No left or right, no gap or hop.. mechanically, you operate each day.

    Stop my friend! For you are a being!
    Be progressive, but not a machine..!

    Do not get confused and never forget, life is everything but a race.
    Break the cycle, breathe fresh air, your heart & mind need it, to maintain a human pace..

  20. Feels like I’m running in circles, day after day, in debt to the man, I need my pay. Everything’s a hustle, doing this or that, got a meeting out of town, gotta go pack. The wife’s getting bored, the kid’s yelling mom!, she’s sleeping with my neighbor, i think his name is “tom” yeah..this is my life, for better or worse, gotta catch a plane, my keys are in her purse

  21. Running the circle of life,
    Day after day, week after week,
    Not knowing the reason,
    Not caring about the season,
    Always with an eye on the future,
    Not a second to enjoy the present.
    The state that life has come to,
    Need to stop to smell the roses.

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