Caption this – 7 March

Caption this - 7 March

Caption this - 7 March

Wisepick for the image will be published on 10 March

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  1. I am a tomboy I admit
    I’m naughty, mischievous ‘n fit
    I climb trees and fight in mud
    I never want to change or grow up, but
    I have a dream to dance on stage
    like a bird that wants to leave its cage
    I’m feminine besides my boyish ways
    I dance like the girl I am, despite my boyish face
    You can find me at the top of a tree
    where I dream of dancing on the big stage ,forever free.

  2. I am what I choose to be,
    Nothing can stop me.
    Dance like a breeze,
    If you please.
    Run like a the wind,
    Not that I’ve sinned.
    My determination fuels me…
    And dedication is my strongest key!

  3. I am combination of a perfect weirdness…some days,i am ballerina tiptoeing on my toes,
    Other days,i am rebel,walking and causing rampage,crushing my foes…

  4. Two Halves, One Whole

    She has always been what they wanted to see
    Never had she thought that she could be
    The two combined together, she would be complete
    Both the porcelain doll who moved with the beat
    And the fiery tomboy who left not a trace
    Of feminine weakness on her face
    But now she knows that she can be whole
    And proudly displays it on her soles
    For you have yet to meet
    Someone represent herself through her feet

  5. I was given a pair of sneakers to play soccer, but for me that was something very mediocre;
    Going against the odds of society, i maintained my stance, i chose to break the myth that ‘only girls can dance’…

  6. Behind the covered foot, lied a toe which was hurt because of the determination and passion to excel…but oh did i care? Even my soul knows how to do that perfect ballet now…

  7. If I am forced to dance to your tune, you will have to face the music as I will show you my shitty as well as pretty personality with my changing steps on the dais called life.

  8. I put up two facets, one which pleases the world and is a facade;
    And the other one which is the real me, much more stronger and a little flawed ..

  9. The duo in me — the sane and the insane — are perfectly in tune with the pathos and ecstasy of my life. Yet I face the music, for my life is a melodrama.

  10. Weirdness is my way of life;
    I carry on with it in style;
    When I relish eccentricity
    It might cause electricity;
    Yet I dance my way; for,
    We are all mere actors.
    I have no fence, pretence
    I only hurt my legs;
    I dont pull your legs.
    Come, let us celebrate life
    In style and not spoil it.

  11. Masculine and feminine is present in all of us. But not every one perceives it without making a fuss. The secret lies in balancing the two. Creating synchronization with two different hue. That is where magic happens. That is when everything makes sense.

  12. Struck by oddity
    Strung by similarity
    I cross dress both my feet
    In styles of various streaks.
    This would help them sow & grow
    Their individual traits & identity
    In a world of blank faces
    Where folks lose their art to live.

  13. We both look odd, You & me
    With you tied to laces
    And I knotted at heels.
    But with all our differences
    We love each other & stick
    Suffering by poliomyelitis
    Too at times can be bliss.

  14. She’s a dancer: a butterfly that chose to never land but always kept one wing out. She’s a warrior in ballerina slippers by day but a rebel by night.

  15. Tiptoeing my way around life,
    Juggling with the many roles I act.
    What’s apt for one feet,
    might not be the same for other.
    Coping with these many facets,
    Yet surviving through life.
    That’s how I would write,
    the preface of my autobiography.

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